Eve's seed

Date of publication:2005-01   Press: Shanghai people's Publishing House   Author:(United States) Robert Mike Ai Wen   Pages:464   Words:486000  

This book is intended to from a wide range, from the original human evolution has been, until now, to provide a new interpretation of history. The author will argue: throughout human history, especially since the invention of agriculture fundamentally changed the people living in the social environment, about ten thousand years, the men and women don't (true, exaggeration and imagination), has been the first power. Reading this book, which helps readers to see, this world is operating in a new way, also helps readers to see their own life, in a different way to understand one's own life experience. Although this book is about the history of the largest possible in proportion, but its meaning is about the people who lived in the twenty-first Century life. Men and women play in modern culture and society, as the society itself, by the sexual history book explores the very long deep influence. This book is widely involved in biology, anthropology, archaeology, mythology, religion and popular culture, why re analysis of Gender Antagonism, from "the Holy Spirit" to the free economy that only "invisible hand", it analyzes the many myths and the most stubborn, reveal hidden in these myths in the core of male chauvinism the brutal and terrifying politics.
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Robert Mceven, Professor of History Department of Millsaps College, director of the Department of America. His "Great Depression: 1929-1941 years of American" and "the great depression and the New Deal: historical documentary" is "New York Times" known as the "year of outstanding books". His articles appear frequently in the "New York Times", "Washington Post", "Losangeles times", "the Wall Street journal" and "national" these publications
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Chinese edition preface introduction to man's world first chapter 90% natural; 90% parenting? The second chapter the past (and present) we chapter third men from New York; the woman from Philadelphia chapter fourth paradise lost the fifth chapter man devaluation, anger than hell sixth chapter to sow seventh chapter "all power and glory to thee, almighty father" eighth chapter "I non mothers" chapter ninth women the complex and the ten chapter of human liberation is the liberation of women eleventh chapter woman is not an island twelfth chapter "I never meet the" thirteenth chapter "I is not a woman; hear me shout how loud" fourteenth chapter "masculine" / market myth fifteenth chapter "I must become a great husband," the sixteenth chapter of our fathers fear of adverse effects, so far
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