Date of publication:2004-5   Press: Chongqing Publishing House   Author:Wu Baoguo   Pages:367   Words:251000  

Wu Baoguo, professor at the Beijing Foreign Studies University Department of Arabic, was born in 1940 in Hebei Xingtai. Learning English in 1960 admitted to the Beijing Institute of foreign languages. Learn Arabic changed in 1962. After graduating in 1966, stayed on to teach. In 1976 2-3 month in Cairo International Fair, any translation. 1984-1986 years in the school of the Cairo University. 1990-1993 years in Egypt the Ain Shams University English Language Institute
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Preamble preamble (a) (two) the first chapter of the history of ancient civilization country profile seven thousand years the Suez canal was dug during the reign of Ishmael's bankruptcy losing power of Egypt National Movement second chapter Republic Era "7 · 23" the revolution during the reign of Nasser during the reign of Sadat during the reign of Mubarak chapter third government and party political system change the parliamentary system formation of political parties to establish the fourth chapter the Egyptian foreign relations between Egypt and American the relations between Egypt and Russia relations between Egypt and the Western European countries the relationship between Egypt and Israel relations between Egypt and China relationship fifth chapter in the reform and development of the economic industry of agricultural production in third industry investment environment and energy to develop foreign trade, the sixth chapter of the national language and name the seventh chapter eighth chapter ninth chapter the basic necessities of life religious weddings in Chapter tenth and chapter eleventh character etiquette social customs chapter twelfth Egyptian education thirteenth chapter literature, art, broadcasting, sports fourteenth chapter of traditional festivals and memorial day in the fifteenth chapter. Appendix @##@ and Tourism China and Egypt are countries with ancient civilizations, has a long history and shine with great splendor culture, have made outstanding contributions to human civilization. Egypt is the Nile, the Yangtze River and the Yellow River China; with towering Pyramid in Egypt, Chinese a majestic the Great Wall. In, the two peoples have suffered colonialism, imperialism, colonialism, anti imperialist struggle in sympathy, support each other, today, two Dian people in overall economic reform, the development of their own countries, exchange of visits between the two leaders continue to increase, the folk.
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