Dictionary of British and American culture

Date of publication:1995-1   Press: Foreign language teaching and research   Author:Hu Wenzhong   Pages:480   Words:388000  

"Dictionary of British and American culture" (Hardcover) published by foreign language teaching and research press.
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The basic necessities of life breakfast lunch dinner table etiquette tea break fast-food restaurants wine tavern drinking clothes shopping tips rental payment traveler's check credit card telephone banking Greyhound bus subway yard sale family child Yu Nv of social contacts greeting thanks praise compliment response for the appellation name farewell to invite reply topic dating visit overnight guest dinner party cocktail party gifts friends relatives appellation taboo euphemism weddings and funerals celebrated the birth Birthday wedding funeral Easter Halloween Thanksgiving, Christmas and new year with cultural connotations of vocabulary nonverbal communicative literary allusions religious values @##@ bibliography This dictionary is a part of the English speaking countries everyday cultural knowledge reference book. Research areas: basic necessities of life, social intercourse, festivals, weddings and marriage together, some words with cultural connotations, nonverbal communication, text allusions, religious customs, values, this dictionary for English teachers and students learning reference.
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User reviews
  •   I understand English culture is very helpful
  •   This book is a senior to recommend to me. Although this book is published 95 years, but the book is a good book, enduring, very practical.
  •   By reading this book, you can on Anglo American habits, idiom, social customs have a deeper understanding, suitable for going to Britain and the United States to study, the people who settled in reading, is conducive to better integrate into the local environment, culture background understanding of English language and behind of our learning.
  •   See the book packaging is very good, the content is very detailed, introduced the western culture and tradition, comfortable reading.
  •   Widely involved in the aspect of culture, to explain more in place, with illustrations, very clear. Teachers! Some data is too old, not timely revision.
  •   This is the teacher gave us a book, I like it very much.
  •   Some version of the old, so the content didn't change with time but most desirable to have a look, still can broaden our horizons
  •   The quality is good, but personally feel that the content is a bit outdated, but still very detailed drop
  •   More useful for comparative culture at home and abroad, have reference value
  •   The content is good, but a bit shallow, generally as interested in reading or can, but not suitable for students
  •   Culture because of the differences, to understand but also because of different, and beautiful very good book, can help to know more, have a look see a long
  •   Thought is the literary words English version of the explanation is bought is Chinese version of the culture
  •   This book is easy to understand, very good! To understand western culture is very helpful!
  •   The book of the Anglo American countries customs and etiquette, a very detailed introduction. Also includes some allusions.

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