Cultural Perspective of Northeast Asian Community

Date of publication:2004-8   Press: Yanbian University press   Author:Cui Yi   Pages:303   Words:330000  

Luo Zhong, December 5, 1940, was born in South Korea, Seoul. Education background: in 1963 the National University of Seoul political science, 1965, National University of Seoul Graduate School of political science. Master of Science in the University of Cambridge in 1972, three one college of politics.
work experience: 1972 in city politics, Professor of diplomacy. Director of the Political Department of economics in 1980, Qing Xi university. The 1994 Asia Pacific area people
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Northeast Asia peace and security in Northeast Asia regional cooperation with EU: the political world citizen: ideology, reality and Prospect of democratic possibilities: "liberal democracy" world citizen countermeasures and multiculturalism recognition in the era of globalization and international understanding European and Asia: political prospects look at political an influence as the political ideology civilization culture and the development of democracy in Europe's ideal and plan in East Asia community characteristics and democratization in Asia Asia's democratic tradition and prospect theory value in Asia on country's political leaders and northeast regional cooperation predicament modified patriotic conference Politics: April 26, 1954 to June 15th Geneva North Korea without political meeting no unification: the unification of democracy and to split the country on twenty-first Century Franco German cooperation exemplary role for Japan to understand each other's democratic politics -- a multi view shape before and after 2000 East Asian factors and cultural industry of regional cooperation in East Asia's role will be linked to build the Asian community obstacles on the path and methods to overcome these barriers of unity the Korean Peninsula and East Asia. There the relationship between Northeast Asian political development principles in times of change @##@ US-ROK relations problem This book Dr. Luo rich content, discussed many important and hot issue in the Asian region, involving the fields of politics, economy, history, society, culture, ideology, religion, said of this ancient, fully demonstrated the profound knowledge. We from the discussion about Asia, his democratic values, under the background of globalization, multiculturalism, as a political ideology civilization, patriotism and so on, can see a lot of brilliant expositions and insights. The author holds a large number of data, the emperor quoted, reasonable, thorough analysis, a strong argument, make this book highly academic value.
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  •   The South Korean scholar Mr. Luo Zhongyi masterpiece, take the Northeast Asian community cultural community began from view, set people thinking, his success and frustration in EU development experiences and lessons for the comparison, reveal the basic role of culture in Northeast Asia cooperation factors, are worth reading.

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