Construction of the Nanjing massacre and the Japanese spirit

Date of publication:2005-05   Press: The Star Press   Author:Tsuda Michio (Japan)   Pages´╝Ü214  

Tsuda Michio was born in 1929, have personal experience of war. After the war in Japan's democracy movement and in 50 was elected as its central committee. The monthly magazine "editor in chief of education and human rights". His major works include "Trotsky doctrine", now "Marx doctrine", modern "Hagel and Marx", "(Supplement) of Japanese nationalism theory", "(Supplement) state theory", "China Rehabilitation
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The first calculation and nihilism -- Nanjing massacre of mental structure, the Lugou Bridge incident and the Sino Japanese War of 1, "I wish Nanjing collapse" delusional song 2, aggression Chinese footprint, "separation of 3 Chinese and activities" and second "the Opium War" 4, China public spirited and moral significance of the event two the Nanjing massacre, 1, the Nanjing massacre -- broad sense and narrow sense, from the 2 Battle of Shanghai to Nanjing Raiders and 3, station plan, for the first was 4 5, captured the lack of competition strategy three, the truth is (1) end -- Jiang Jieshi, the Japanese army, international military Tribunal for the Far East 1 Jiang Jieshi, on Japanese national appeal of the 2, the Japanese army, file 3, International Military Tribunal for the Far East four, the truth (2) -- from the China literature 1, Hankou "Ta Kung Pao" editorial writing materials, from the end of the 2 massacre of five, the truth (3) -- former Japanese soldiers account. 1, on memory array "diary" 2, China female counterpart and the death of resistance 3, Chinese popular revenge six, civilian calculation and nothingness " 1, -- a study of Wataru 2, Tachibanata Miro at 3, the mass of nihilism and intellectual nihilism seven, Japan mass thought structure 1, civilian egoism 2, emperor worship and contempt Chinese thought 3, emperor of imperialist aggression war 4, even though it was already know second defeat 50 years and national moral debunk Ryutaro Hashimoto lie -- "Greater East Asia war" is out and out of the 1 war of aggression, what Ryutaro Hashimoto said? 2, about the Second World War 3, One principle runs through it all. insights into the 15 years war in 4, as a war of aggression "Greater East Asia war" 5, how to treat the Soviet war two it should be national self-criticism 1, "one hundred million general confession theory" and "deceived" theory, at the beginning of the 2 defeat of the Japanese people to the China and toward magnesium feelings at the beginning of 3, defeated the Japanese people to the American feeling 4, now have to question three is not four defeat aggression memory 50 years and "no war resolution" five liberal view of history and historical criticism of Sima six Nanjing massacre of young girls in the atrocities of modern Japanese Reactionary ideological status seven Criticism -- the 145th Congress and grassroots fascist movement slightly longer illustrative postscript appendix: Japan about the Nanjing massacre the main writing translation postscript (a) (two) @##@ translation postscript Why did the Japanese ordinary member of the family, the integrity of the workers, the ordinary people, a uniform, will become so cruel? This book is not satisfied with the general historical analysis, not satisfied with the simple criticism, but on the table and, starting from the Japanese spirit structure, starting from Japan's domestic situation, analyses and discusses the relationship between ideology and social reasons, the massacre of Nanjing and Japan the indulge in wilful persecution of behavior of human origin. The book is divided into two parts: first, the Nanjing massacre. The root cause, reveals the Nanjing massacre is due to mental structure of Japanese emperor system, namely imperialism, national nihilism and the Japanese people to the corruption of morals. Two, to expose the defeat of Japan over the past 50 years, the Japanese militarists politicians lie scattered, enterprise conceals the truth of the Nanjing massacre, continue to advocate the national nihilism, and spiritual structure resulting consequences -- Japanese wartime and pre war, not only to the transformation, Japan national moral continues to fall.
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  •   The author is of course understand Japanese Japanese psychological, but in fact more Japanese chose to escape or lie. Author to self-examination of the spirit is praiseworthy for one's excellent conduct.
  •   Interpretation of the same history different perspective
  •   If the study of Japanese social culture and spiritual structure, which is a good reference book, after all, is the Japanese of his writing.
  •   The Japanese national atrophy side has a deeper understanding of.

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