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This series introduced the culture of ten countries in the world, is a big project. The series includes many cultural history, ancient cultural events, folk traditional schools of thought, art, culture, traditional culture, cultural relics, places of historic interest and scenic beauty event of major cultural achievements, culture development experience and cultural organizations, cultural organizations, is a famous cultural facilities, can be said to be the cause of national culture. Comprehensively and systematically introduces the reader to the Chinese foreign culture contains the contents of the above, but also relates to so many countries, which is the first. It has a long history of civilization and reflects the China people hope broad and profound traditional culture with the world communication, understanding and absorbing the essence of foreign culture, all rivers run into sea, integrating all mind from one side.
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Duan Jianguo, Yanshi province Henan County Zhai Gou Cun, born in October 1941. In 1964 graduated from the Zhengzhou University Department of Chinese, work hard to learn French, long-term in foreign CHC, Xinhua news agency, the Ministry of Culture Bureau of external relations in translation and cultural exchange with foreign countries. From 1980 to 2003, successively in Chinese ambassador to Congo, Ambassador to Congo and the Embassy in Mauritius, had three as cultural counselor. During the tenure of office
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The first chapter of the world central Africa powers a vast land of two has a long history of the three world famous natural resources four changing political and economic situation in chapter second, a riot of colours Bantu culture many tribes and rich cultural resources two precious cultural heritage of the three Bantu Bantu culture four Bantu culture research and development the third chapter cultural institutions and Cultural Organization Culture Administration two folk cultural organization the fourth chapter of cultural policy and management of cultural policy two copyright protection and management of the three cultural foundation the fifth chapter cultural facilities and cultural activities for a national museum two National Library of three national archives four performances and entertainment venue five culture art and folk culture activities, the sixth chapter literature and art of literature development outline of the two three chapter seventh Art Performing Arts Journalism and publishing a news media two press the eighth chapter education and the cultivation of talents education of two scientific research in Sanjin chass university four art colleges in Chapter ninth, sports and health tenth chapter religion eleventh chapter environmental tourism twelfth chapter 驻刚 foreign the thirteenth chapter 中刚 cultural center, cultural exchanges and Postscript: cooperation in view of Congo culture
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