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Mark Corranski Mark Corranski is the author of "
salt", "cod", "the Basque history of the world", "islands of the Caribbean,: To explore the fate", "the chosen few: Renaissance" of the Jews in Europe, and in early 2004 released "1968: shake the world year". Among them, "cod" won the James Beard Award for outstanding food writing.
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The Cape lookout first cod legend first chapter to the second chapter cod island wide mouth predator third chapter fourth chapter: cod cod surge in 1620 and the new land of fifth chapter shall not be deprived of the right to be known to all the world of the sixth chapter "cod wars second limit seventh chapter nature life and growth in nature with several good idea in Chapter eighth the last two idea ninth chapter Iceland people know all things Co., the tenth chapter claw divided waters three war third last fisherman chapter eleventh Grand Banks of Newfoundland's Requiem twelfth chapter natural restoring force encountered difficulties in the thirteenth chapter to the fourteenth chapter to declare war on the Spanish fishing boats on this Canadian chef six centuries of COD the menu reference translator postscript return @##@ cod It feeds the western countries, promoted the development of North america. To rely on COD for the people, it is more precious than gold. War and revolution for it, because it is prosperous. In the development of world history, COD occupies a space for one person is unknown. Book through the thousands of times and all four continents, introduces the various and the great economic value of fish related explorer, businessman, writer, leader and fisherman, describes the seventeenth Century North America and the rise of the twentieth Century cod war, punctuated from the Middle Ages to the present generation of COD. Mark Corranski, the world history of human passion and natural ecological belt to a fascinating intersection point.
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  •   After all, is the emphasis on taste, and "salt", writing is a little slow, but not enough in-depth study, research on economic, political after all do deeper on the two theme is very natural.
    probably shouldn't expect authors, but really write too wild stock or floating clouds.
  •   Thank LZ, it tomorrow, slightly fried time a little less can?
  •   The feeling is always want to adjust the fire, and then to turn over to fry, but is still quite delicious.
    time, naked eye observation cod Brown degree, I think it is not difficult to. I wish you success, ha ha.
  •   What words can say. Sit on sofa.
  •   To hear you say so suddenly feel a little curious
  •   The fishermen oppose net work petition, he claims that it is not scientific

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