Civilization wonders

Date of publication:2003-9-1   Press: Haiyan press   Author:And often   Pages:127   Words:100000  

In order to help people understand the unknown field of those who have not yet been explored, know that they are exploring the world to know, to understand the glorious history of previous exploration and great achievement, do away with all fetishes and superstitions, advocate science, we have compiled, published to explore the mysteries of the color version of the "". Human civilization through the generations, accumulated many valuable wealth. "Civilization miracle" a book carefully collected human civilization: ancient architecture, ancient ruins and ancient art. Through the history of smoke, you can follow the explorers to appreciate America ancient civilization developed; you can also hear the European colonists invaded tramping hoofs; be able to feel the human brave and steadfast, diligent and wisdom.
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The first chapter of Asian adventures in fatehpur Sikri city Sanghi Buddhist monuments Khajuraho monuments Elephanta caves Borobudur Petra gutheil, AMRA Castle sacred city of Kandy Anuradhapura the holy city of Taxila Damascus City Barr Mira archaeological sites in Aleppo city of Persepolis history of Istanbul area Nemrut mountain site Pam Calle archaeological site of Troy than Bruce, the ancient city of tyre Shibam City chapter second European origin Del Pei Athens 埃皮道鲁斯 Acropolis monuments of Olympia archaeological Delos Mycenaean history of Rome area and the ancient city of Elco Lano Caceres at Alta Mira cave Hadrian the Great Wall orange theatre and Triumphal Arch third chapter Africa discovery Nubian site Jeune the ancient city of Carthage ruins Sousse old Larry Bella Du Shi teaching site of Zimbabwe the old city of Marrakech and the temple of Amun chapter fourth American kaynak grand Cuzco city Chang Chang ancient Nazca Lines Tiahuanaco Palenque and Historical Park in Mexico city and Huo Odd Mirko District of the Galapagos Islands
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