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Date of publication:2005-01   Press: China Intercontinental Press   Author:Luo Zhewen, Li 先耀   Pages:199  

"Chinese Museum" a book in the authoring process, in addition to writing and photography member book the act with united strength, also received the strong support of the leadership and colleagues of the museum. In addition to providing relevant museum about the Museum of informative text data, also provides precious photos about the library building, exhibition and cultural relics, the book illustrations, improve understanding and appreciation of the value of the museum. "China Museum" one book, it should be said is a product of book editors, photographers and the museum concerned colleagues act with united strength.
Author brief introduction

Li 先耀, was born in 1925 in Zhejiang city of Hangzhou province in 1948, graduated from Shanghai Jinan University School of business. The economic daily company senior editor, the Beijing natural history museum executive vice president; former deputy director of the China Museum of Natural Science Association first and secretary general, the deputy director of the Institute of Beijing Museum, Museum of Beijing Normal University visiting professor. His major works include "China Museum Guide", "we", "Chinese Museum Museum," Museum of world view "science", and "Fish Museum essays spring water", "homesick", "the love of Mousika". Luo Zhewen was born in 1924 in Yibin, sichuan. In 1940 admitted to the study of ancient building survey was China only academic institutions Chinese building society, from Mr. Liang Sicheng to learn and to participate in the work of investigation and study of ancient buildings. In 1946, in the study of the construction Chinese and the Architecture Department of Tsinghua University engaged in research and teaching work, 1950 Cultural Relics Bureau Ministry of culture, has long been engaged in the ancient architecture protection management and research work. Served as director of Chinese Institute of cultural relics. Is the sixth CPPCC, seven or eight session of the six National Committee of the CPPCC members, cultural group deputy leader. Now is a professor level senior engineer. Group leader, the State Administration of cultural heritage of ancient architecture expert Chinese Cultural Association, vice president of the society of Chinese the Great Wall, the International Council on Monuments and sites (ICOMOS) China committee vice chairman. Half a century to a lifelong effort to cultural relics of ancient buildings of the motherland, to the great ancient architectural protection repair project or he presided over the design, or participate in the host program review hundreds of above, the historical and cultural city, the world heritage work to make a contribution. His major works include "the Great Wall" "" "China Chinese Guta imperial tomb" "China Temple" "China" "ancient architecture of building China" "Chinese ancient garden" editor "architectural culture Daguan" etc.. Filed into various dictionaries. Be fond of calligraphy. There are inscriptions, inscriptions and other the Great Wall at Simatai, wins the.
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Preface: from the museum to read the history of Chinese civilization national treasure Museum of the Imperial Palace Museum of Taipei the Imperial Palace Shanghai Museum of Shaanxi History Museum Henan Museum Nanjing Museum, Museum of Liaoning province light of the National Culture Palace Museum of Shenyang the Imperial Palace the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region museum the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Museum Tibet museum the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region museum the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Museum Yunnan Museum historical pursuit China National Museum Sanxingdui Museum Zhouyuan Museum Suizhou Ceng Houyi tomb relics on display Mawangdui Han tomb museum the Museum of Terracotta Army Changsha museum collections of Dunhuang Grottoes Mogao Grottoes Yungang Grottoes Longmen Grottoes underground palace tomb Maoling Museum Qianling Museum Dingling Museum Zunhua Qing Dongling, Yixian County Qing Xiling Huaxia civilization China Silk Museum China Tea Museum Jingdezhen Ceramic Museum of the history of traditional Chinese Medicine Museum Quanzhou Museum of overseas communications history, gathering of talents China Gallery China Modern Literature Museum Beijing Museum Chinese Sports Museum of Hongkong History Museum Macao Maritime Museum mother of garden Suzhou Garden Museum the Summer Palace Chinese the Great Wall Museum of Tiantan The Confucian Temple, Confucius, Konglin Jinci Museum ancient home Beijing Ruins Museum site museum of Xinle Hemudu Site Museum Xi'an Banpo museum world Xuan Huang Beijing Ancient Observatory Geological Museum China Zigong Dinosaur Museum Tonglushan ancient copper mine site museum of Zigong salt industry history museum
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