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Private school based development to establish "Jixia College", it is the contention of a hundred schools of thought in the Warring States and the epitome of the center, was also an innovation of education, the development of academic, cultural and education in ancient Chinese, produced the historical impact. To the Han Dynasty, along with the change of social situation, Emperor Wudi adopted Dong Zhongshu's suggestion, "deposed 100, implement the educational policy of the Confucianism", Confucianism was the feudal emperors as one, has become an important social ruling thought. In order to transfer the Confucian culture as its own duty school from the society on a firm footing, although after the war but still unbroken. Private schools according to their degree can be divided into the library and the museum two. The library is also called the "house" or "school", with the Enlightenment of education, to teach literacy and some teaching knowledge, the book is "Cang Jie" quenching "piece", then read and write the training, pay attention to the cultivation of students' ideology and morality, the main use of language "textbook" "and you," Zhang by. The museum also known as "Vihara fire refined cottage", is a library of a higher level of private schools, the fact is some famous scholars get together and give lectures place. The higher degree compared with the imperial college. The museum was proficient in general by the Confucian masters built, some scribes scholar, such as Dong Zhongshu, Zheng Xuan are the famous private school master, the disciple of hundreds of thousands, the lecture has begun to take academic discussion and Study on properties.
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Improvement and renewal @##@ education content of education teaching method of the origin and development of three private name a school two school features four school five school six school educational aim and effect of seven private school teaching management eight private education object nine teachers in ten schools The school is today a lot of people are very familiar with the vocabulary. As long as it is received high school education, most will have a favorable impression on Lu Xun's novels that a terrorist means "study". A staid old gentleman, a group of yelled schoolchildren, there is also a similar Damour Damocles ruler, which constitutes a description of "private" image picture. However, when the literary description to abstract of academic research, people found to "private" clear definition is very difficult.
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