Canada Customs Wonderland

Date of publication:2001-05   Press: The contemporary world press   Author:Gao Guanzhong   Pages:270  

This book introduces 13 Canadian provinces and more than 40 city's history, geography, economy and culture, scientific research and education, places of historic interest and scenic beauty, local customs and practices and local legends and anecdotes, knowledge and interest of both. In Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal city will be described in more detail. The book for the nations as the 12 places of historic interest and scenic beauty of world heritage will be introduced, and Canada
Author brief introduction

High in Xi'an, was born in Shaanxi in 1950, German immigrants in 20 years. Hamburg this master in economics, is now engaged in the work of social security. Have been to more than 30 countries and regions, author of "today", "Hamburg Germany City Overview", "Zhi", "the city", "USA City grand French customs Wonderland" and other books. And in the "people's Daily" overseas edition, "geography", "World Expo", "100
Catalogue of books

"The world" grand "series
the total order.
A, Canada
1.1 Shan Wanli maple leaf country
1.2 the bright younger generation the footprint of
1.3 climate cold traffic it
1.4 city style aspect
two, the capital of Canada -- hold the
2.1 bilingual cultural model
2.2 political cardiac
2.3 culture will
2.4 Snow Sports Paradise
2.5 tulip city red maple leaf
three, Canada's largest city -- Toronto
3.1 Ontario Lake darling
3.2 the world's tallest self-supporting tower
3.3 from city hall to the provincial council
3.5 visit several giant University Museum of
3.6 east the first Chinese residual
3.7 the world's largest regular fair
3.8 suburb of
four Range Rover, North Paris -- Montreal
4.1 the world's second largest French speaking city in
4.2 land and sea and air transportation center
4.4 embraced the new street, shelter from the snow from remaining underground
4.5 cultural and artistic atmosphere thick
4.6 international metropolis renowned
five, Pacific window -- Vancouver
5.1 ice free port West Portal
5.2 adventure in England
5.3 walking around downtown
5.4 hundred years vicissitudes said
5.5 coastal universities lovely suburban Chinatown
six, Newfoundland
6.1 World Fisheries and bridge
6.2 Canada easternmost -- St. Johns
seven, Prince Edward island
7.1 small and exquisite islands
7.2 federal cradle -- Charlottetown
eight, Nova and
8.1 North America "
8.2 Scotland" East "bodyguard" -- Halifax, New Brunswick province
9.1 coastal channel bilingual province of
9.2 elm city -- Eph 雷德里克顿
9.3 ferry terminal to see wonder -- San John
ten, Quebec province
10.1 French Canadian
10.2 French capital - the ancient city of Quebec
10.3 newsprint production -- Sanhe City
10.4 aluminum smelting center -- 希库 Timmy
10.5 asbestos base - Sherbrooke
eleven, Ontario province
11.1 Canada cardiac
11.2 viewing resort -- Niagara Falls
11.3 plus Chinese steel -- Hamilton
11.4 telephone inventor's hometown - Brantford
11.5 beach car City --
11.6 Royal City, Oshawa feeling -- Kingston
11.7 Bethune's hometown - graven Hearst
11.8 German temperament of the city - Kitchener
11.9 Shakespeare Festival stage -- Stratford
11.10 of nostalgia products -- London
11.11 Southern portal - Windsor
11.12 world nickel - Sudbury
11.13 the Great Lakes throat -- Su St. Mary's
11.14 world grain port - Thunder Bay
12.1 grassland Eastern bison
12.2 west gate traffic hub -- Winnipeg
12.3 polar bear grain port -- Churchill
thirteen, Saskatchewan
13.1 world
13.2 Grassland "bread basket" the Queen City - Regina
13.3 developed the potassium - Saskatoon
fourteen, Alberta
14.2 North Sea oil, grain oil -- Edmonton
14.3 Grassland "Manhattan" -- Calgary
14.4 rocky Wonderland - Banff and Jasper
fifteen, the British Columbia province
15.1 Pacific coast the "garden of Eden"
15.2 Island Neighbor: Garden City -- Vitoria
sixteen, three northern region of
16.1 of Alaska, Yukon
16.2 jurisdiction reduced administrative region -- the Northwest
16.3 Inuit snow Township -- Nunavut
A, Canada place name index
two, listed as world heritage sites of Canada
the main reference
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