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Peter Zagare, was born in 1945 in Germany 乌克赖 lake, Hill Beck, after obtaining the doctorate in Cologne, as an art critic and radio edit. 1975-1999 years as Germany "times weekly" reporter, and since then has become a freelance writer, in 1989 won the Egon Erwin Kisch award.
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Acknowledgements the first chapter Microsoft meet the apostles and the new century: "Cambridge's secret spy network" Byron and bear, goal keeping Nabokov: Literature in Cambridge. The stone: Architecture and city planning celebrity Gallery: Cambridge ecological biographical chapter second bazaar mountains to the north of printing and pray: University of Cambridge press and Mahatma Marie Teaching University: the heart hall and the old school Gongwer and Caius College: honor the door Claire college in tears: backyard and Newton, Byron and Prince Charles the place of study three one schools: three one college across the sigh bridge to a wedding cake: St. John's college, 2903 books and a diary: Samuel Pepys rounded in Mo Delin College Chapel, tilt of the club and a man is the school to Oliver Cromwell's head: Sidney Sussex College and Jesus College, the third chapter fair hill to the south of the sweetest boy singing: King's college, Queen's College: two queens and school dog Marlow mystery one has the cat status, Parke prize: out of genius Corpus Christi College baby bicycle shed: old Cavendish experiment Thomas Grey move: moved to Pembroke College Fitz sponsored all art from Peter Moorhouse College: Fitz William Museum masterpiece on the way to the botanical garden noble people, quiet space: Downing college and Emanuel college in fourth chapters across Jianhe Darwin college and Newnham College: for female undergraduates and the construction of Oracle, incunabula: University of Robinson and Churchill: the new books and patrons, new idea of life, art and pebbles: pot Park collector three colleges and a tomb: Wittgenstein's neighbors "Gran Chester! Ah, Gran Chester!" Bo to the Patriots honey tea appendix Niu Qiao dictionary college Hall of Fame Museum and theater: University of Cambridge and College: Cambridge festivals and events bibliography photograph of name translation index names and nouns @##@ index Oxford and Cambridge are two of the most unusual places the island. They are about 150 kilometers apart, but people often put them all together, or even only one word: expression of bovine bridge. In the spirit of the nation on the map, this place can rise above the common herd and popular. Oxford, the oldest university in Britain, which had 4 kings, 46 Nobel prize winners and 25 British Prime minister. In the 800 year history, it has witnessed the British Empire from prosperity to the whole process of decline, witnessed the human pursuit of truth and the civilization of the bumpy journey, for the world to offer countless master you. Although the later Cambridge, Harvard, Yale academic do all one can to catch up, but still can not shake Oxford's master status. 800 years of culture make Oxford become the noble plot and elite symbol synonymous, and will continue to inspire young people on the road to glory and dream on the road before attachment.
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