A Japanese in the eyes of the China

Date of publication:1998-8   Press: Wuhan press   Author:[Japan] Ikegami Masaharu   Pages´╝Ü284  

A visit to China hundreds of Japanese friends Ikegami Masaharu, become Chinese media from time to time to disclose the "goodwill" angel. I have the honor of attending a conference in Guangzhou three years ago and his acquaintance, and live in the same room. He was left with white beard, like only 47 years old. We talked very congenial, became friends with letters. This year, "daily of the Yangtse River" Weekend Edition (October 29, 1994) published an article "around the Chinese Japanese", is written "the Japan China Friendship Association member, permanent Japanese Translators Association Ikegami Masaharu", he had been to China nearly 100 times, traveled thirty-one except Taiwan province of province, city, Autonomous region.
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Preface: Japanese friend Ikegami Masaharu to China readers four visits in Wuhan and Li Shizhen on "Xing" and the friendship in Tianjin spent two seasons in Tianjin Youth Zhou Enlai and Feng Xuefeng Symposium on Changsha -- in early summer of 1989 in Qingchengshan -- the birthplace of Taoism "gas" thinking in Beijing Baiyun watch "in the chart" Xu Fu -- Dongdu first Sima Qian footprint for the Silk Road Tour Meng Ning Gan Tibet tour of Tibet medical regimen I see Japan China Friendship translation postscript
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Taste elegant, but also the result of apricot." Wang Wenzhang: "I started to take an interest in the apricot or in later three years ago visited Sanmenxia. Say it in Japanese should be called 'all black'? (laughs) there are so many apricot...... After that, I began to visit the farm, listen to their opinions, and please concerned about the investigation of apricot, in this process, I learned a lot of knowledge. In the Japanese study, watch two cherry, also and Mr. together, probably in Kyoto, Uji! It is fortunate to watch 'the snow Sakura'. Cherry blossoms floating snow this rare in japan. Although I am Cherry Blossom Fan, but also love the apricot. Apricot blossom is very beautiful, began in the red, after slowly changed from red to white, elegant fragrance intoxicating." Pool: "many Japanese people know Yang Guifei, her life history is written in many works of literature. But one thing did not understand, said Yang, is after eating apricots into beauty, this is an interesting story." Wang Wenzhang: "yes, but this is only a legend...... Yang Guifei is her into the palace after the name, she was called Yang Yuhuan, the village people call her 'Yuhuan'. Legend, she is not very beautiful, but one day, a Taoist priest passing by, he said some confusing words. Soon the Yang family courtyard to grow an apricot tree. The monk said, Yang Yuhuan eat fruit after future will be limitless, the Taoist said fruit refers to is the apricot fruit. Indeed, after Yang Yuhuan ate apricot really long stand gracefully erect, then something happened, you should also know that the japanese. Here are my Mr. to collect the relevant information in this regard, please have a look!"......
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