When Kong Zi met God

Date of publication:2012-5   Press: Guangxi Normal University press   Author:Chen Taihe   Pages:333   Words:265000  

This book is through the Western civilized ideas and compare works set first, is in the study of soft power in China's transitional period, including the values, ethics, the construction of the rule of law and other elements of the analysis and reconstruction. In the current world, ancient human morality has been lost, like "the Analects of Confucius", "Three Character Classic" are subject to external value questions and challenges, and new haven't been able to succeed in building the case, I would like to through a series of crossing works valuable, open to new areas of moral law thought of democracy arguments and ideas.
Author brief introduction

Chen Taihe, male, Hunan Qiyang person, Professor of law at the Guilin University of Electronic Technology law school part-time lawyer, a visiting scholar at Lancaster University in the United kingdom. A prolific author, first for the "harmonious society" in property rights, property rights were the rule of law; second "the most common rights" that law is public contract two truth.
Catalogue of books

Xu said
the first chapter virtue and sin
1.1 de civilization origin of deep
1.2 since
1.3 sin civilization so Kong Zi de
1.4 Christian idea of original sin.
second chapter rites and equality and freedom of
2.1 Kong Zi
2.2 to let etiquette etiquette Ren gift the inequalities of
2.3 binding
2.4 benevolence Western civilization equal
2.5 free to the Hornets
third chapter rule to rule
3.1 Chinese civilization inevitable rule
3.2 western original rule of
3.3 Chinese rule of reason: ethics and criminal
3.4 rule form: Jia Tianxia
3.5 ceremony punishment autocratic
fourth chapter the rule of law to rule
4.1 China's penal system
4.2 the history of Western civilization with theocratic kingship gods
4.5 gods and people will form of western legal history
fifth chapter Kong Zi and Confucianism Confucianism, why
5.3 "Analects of Confucius" of Confucianism: violence criminal punishment based
5.4 violence must produce the Confucianism only
5.5 only analysis of the causes of Confucianism Confucianism
5.6 of imperial rule of brainwashing contribution of
sixth chapters besides me there is no God
6.1 is completely different from the ancient Greek god Jesus Christ
6.2 theocracy supreme "Old Testament"
6.3 maverick Jewish
6.4 theonomy = contract = rule
6.5 original arbitrary rule of law and the rule of God
seventh New Testament and Christian
7.1 God leopard to Jesus Christ
7.2 complete the legal truth sublimation
7.3 only god statue of Jesus Christ
7.3.2 Christian Peace of Christ and the ancient Greek see Datong: the evil nature of human
7.3.3 Christian solved property this eternal problem
7.3.4 Christian equal free 245
7.3.5 ecumenical rule of
eighth chapters (Romans) why the west only Christ
8.1 harmful superstitions Christian
8.2 Romans reversed only
8.2.1 Christ Christian can solve the dilemma in Rome: peace
8.2.2 brainwashing: cannot do evil to do good
8.2.3 non violence to uphold the truth of the great future
8.2.4 rule of equality and freedom society the only way
ninth chapter when Kong Zi met God
9.1 when God met Kong Zi
9.2 when strong Kong Zi met God
9.3 Christian truth product
9.4 Confucianism will be weak product poor
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  •   The logic in a bit of mess
  •   Is a friend to write the book, do a deeper analysis on Chinese and western legal culture, view of the more unique, readable.

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