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Date of publication:2004-1-1   Press: Yunnan people's Publishing House   Author:Yan Haiying   Pages:302   Words:224000  

This book is one of the "lost civilization" series. The ancient Egyptian civilization for its ancient and mysterious, because of their ancient and unique, in the recent 200 years, explorer, archaeologists, linguists, historians are a step closer to ancient Egypt, issued a doubt: this ancient civilization going down in history? Behind these odd habit of different customs, is how a spiritual world? What is the strength to the ancient Egyptians unremitting architecture through the afterlife Road, again and again to the other side of the practice through the dream, one left a "permanent residence"? This book is with these questions, to the ancient Egyptian civilization in pursuit of "lost" -- her as "living culture" rather than examining the history of death.
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Yan Haiying, a postdoctoral associate professor of history, the History Department of Peking University, master of the world ancient history tutor. The Egyptian Scientists Association, participated in the seventh, the eighth international experts meeting in egypt. Teaching and research work in the ancient history of the world, in Egypt, in the "historical research", "world history" and other academic journals published more than 20 papers. In 2003 to participate in the Central Television
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The ancient Egyptian civilization -- a mummy of Pharaoh attention -- ancient civilization of the regeneration of the Rosetta stone and Egyptology "Egyptology" father Shang Boliang adventure, rob Petrie and "order and the protection of cultural relics dating" "Pharaoh's Curse": Tutan Camon's excavation of Tomb of Ramses II and his sons today the order and harmony: the ancient Egyptian culture positioning two sun and the Nile -- the land of the Pharaohs and people's pristine water ode "red earth" treasure of water and three - autocratic reign vibrant early civilization "unity" and the divine order of Pyramid established and redistribution system "the earth like a pottery wheel like flipping over the" hard noble king the Hyksos in Egypt for the Near East and "gold" foreign "aten glory" fleeting empire from four language and picture -- concrete world of abstract thinking in the ancient Egyptian language origin and structure of the ancient Egyptian language development and evolution of the interpretation of the myth of the world picture world construction ritual history: a pious forger writing instruments and books in ancient Egypt five gods blessing Country the eternal order: dominate the nymph of the Marriott harmonious world: the God of the sun and Pluto immortal Afterlife: "the book of the dead" world time and space six from the afterlife to look behind this life -- into the mummy's world seven idols -- Thought in ancient Egypt other art eight boulders piled up the myth of the nine ancient civilizations finish -- "Greek" of the period of the Egyptian society harmonious rhythm appendix references
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User reviews
  •   The content is good, but not "look for past life journey" series! :)
  •   The book for the Egyptian mythology, the Pharaoh system, and adjacent campaign, funeral ceremony, religion and culture aspects to describe, very full of talk, after reading the basic on the ancient Egyptian civilization with deep understanding, it is recommended.
  •   A comprehensive introduction to Egypt, Yan teacher is Egyptian experts in the field of science, but this is a popular book, not particularly deep, the popularity is enough. More importantly, when the exam was too useful, praise!
  •   Good ~ ~ ~
  •   The more interesting.
  •   I want to know is change of Egypt race and text, language, and the impact of war on Egypt. If you want to read the book on Egypt, France and America to study, in-depth
  •   Wide, content is not fine, if can have a point of the research is very good.

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