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The irony of the spear could also point to the survival, with regard to, it also adhere to the opposition between essence and phenomenon of opposition, internal and external. As the negative absolute, it seems to be no doubt. However, we shall not forget, doubt is to define a concept, but the irony is a subjective being for itself; secondly, irony is essentially practical, if it is theoretical, it is to become a practical again, in other words, the irony of concern is not things, but their. If the irony found hidden behind the phenomena in the phenomena of things and things are not the same, then the irony is the most important subject feel be leisurely and carefree, without any real phenomenon on the subject. Therefore, irony and skepticism is different. In doubt, the main unremittingly to enter the object, his fate is the object always miss him. The irony, the main unremittingly to out of the object, he will be able to achieve this goal, because he is not aware of every hour and moment object is no reality. In doubt, the main witness a predatory war, all phenomena are destroyed, because the essence behind must be hidden in a layer by layer phenomenon. The irony, the main step by step backwards, denied any phenomenon is real, in order to save itself, that is to say, so infifferent, maintain their independence. Finally, sense of irony to survival is no reality, thus put forward and devout souls the same proposition. Because of this, it seems to be a pious irony. In religion, it is vulgar reality, that is to say the earth, it lost its effectiveness, but it can happen, because the state of God in the same instant access to the absolute reality. The pious mind also speak all is vanity, but it must be said, this will remove all the negative disturb people things, the eternal things will appear. In addition, when the devout mind everything is void, it is not on their own with special respect, not to abandon it; on the contrary, it also dispel itself, in order to sacred thing not by its own against the back, but went straight into the open by the pious mind to. In fact, in a deep and thorough self-cultivation books we also see, the devout mind just to make their own personality as the most hateful of all things. In contrast, in irony, all things considered void, but the subjectivity is free. Everything is void, subjectivity is also more and more is, without a care, the more lively and vigorous. When everything into the void, the irony of the body does not feel empty, but he saved his own vanity. The irony is, all for free, but "no" can be seen, can also be seen. Thinking is always escape without specific things, because it is the concrete impulse, is the concrete creative impulse (nisusf0 muscle ativus). No representation is mysterious for free, though no, but is rich in content, like the night of silence for ears to hear is loud call, finally, irony is a dead wandering without irony, in the silence, like a ghost, joking....... Irony...... Infinite absolute negation, that description fully demonstrated the irony isn't is the point of this or that individual phenomenon, individual existence. In fact,The irony of the subject on the whole there feel strange, and he has also become a stranger, because the real lost its effectiveness against him, he to some extent also become unrealistic. Here, the word "reality" should be understood as the historical reality, that is to say, in a certain time, certain circumstances existing reality. The word which can be understood in the metaphysical significance, also can be understood in historical significance. When we talk about the metaphysical relationship between concept and the reality of the problem, and we're not talking about this or that reality, but the specific concept, namely its reality. However, the word "reality" can also refer to the implementation in the history of the concept. This latter reality in different times is different. This does not mean that the historical reality as all existing general itself has no inherent relationship forever, but to live in different time and space race, the existing reality is different. Although the world spirit in each of its stages of development has been, for living in a particular time generation as well as for the same family class at a particular time in individual case, but not so. In species and individual in front is a reality, they are unable to abandon it. The operation does not cease, led to walk together, holding the unwilling people walk together. However, because the concept is specific in on itself, it must be no relaxation during the time of realizing themselves, which become concrete. And it's only through group and individual is possible. Through the development of the world's contradiction which show. At one time the existing reality is to race and race among the individual effective reality, however, as long as people don't want to talk about development has come to a head, it must be another reality rejection, and this too must be carried out by individuals and species. For the people of reformation, the Catholic Church is the reality, but it is also a no longer has the effectiveness of reality. Here, a reality in conflict with another reality. This is the history of the world's deep tragic. From a historical point of view, an individual may not only conform to the trend of the times, and may be back against the trend of the times. If it is the latter, then he must become a victim; and if he is one, he is bound to win, that is to say, he must win the victim. Here we can see the development of the world itself, is very consistent, in a more rational reality will be appeared, it has been considered themselves the past. This is not a revolution, but evolution. Past reality requires sacrifice, thereby proving is reasonable; and the new reality of sacrifice, which proves to be reasonable. In any case, sacrifice is necessary, because a new link is required, because the new reality is not the reality of the past, it contains new content, it is not only the past correction, but also a new starting point. There are two notable movement in all such historical turning point. On the one hand, new things must occur; on the other hand, the old things must be excluded. Because the new things to come, so here we will meet in the distance indistinct glimpse of something new prophet. The prophet did not occupy the future, he is only a premonition of the future. He could not realize the future, but he also no longer as he belongs to actual effect. The relationship between him and the reality are harmonious, because the existing reality does not feel any opposition. Then, the real tragic heroes will appear. He strove for new things, he strain every nerve to destroy for him will away things; however, his task is to destroy it, but the implementation of the new things, thereby indirectly destroyed the last. But on the other hand, old things will be squeezed, the defect of the old must be thoroughly expose. Here, we met the irony of the subject. The irony of the subject, the existing reality completely lost its effectiveness, it became imperfect form everywhere stand in the way of. But on the other hand, he did not occupy the new things. He just know things and ideas are great gap. He is making judgments about people. In a sense, irony is the prophet, because he kept pointing to the things to come, but he does not know what is the future. He is a prophet, but his position and situation is opposite and prophet.

Li Jing, Liaoning person, in 1996 graduated from the Beijing Normal University Department of Chinese contemporary literature. Former "Beijing literature" magazine editor, now serving in the "Beijing daily" supplement department. In the literature review, author of essays "injured" and "Xiang" put the medicine in the sugar, editor in chief of knowledge field interview "China problem" and 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 "China essays selected
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This series is our proposed idea of "reading" of. Possession of language form of ideology is a sign of the distinguishes, each nation, each civilization in own development process to enrich the human spirit treasure contributed, it is necessary to cross reference. When the world entered the "modern" on the occasion, even before the commodity, capital massive global circulation, the concept of flow has been started, and then triggered a surge of world. In the beginning of the "modernization" and "globalization", the western concept of values compared to other civilization plays a more important role, and our parent state China in almost one hundred years has undergone a series of changes including the change of concept deeply, so we focus on the idea is to western the main. Both ancient and modern Chinese and western, we will try to make it from the classical significance in the selection of text books. The "idea" of its products or can be separated from the three elements or process: one is the process of subjective personal thought, including the thinking, judgment, analysis, reflection; the two is the concept and theory have some objective form and carrier; three is to become many ideas in the mind. Here we understand the "concept" is such a few words, it is not only the thinker treatment "concept", but has become the popular things, many people are for or against something.
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Editor's preface to Li Jing the first bird (excerpt) (ancient Greece) second say stupid Aristophanes origin is Holland (happiness) Erasmus 3 to wide readers (method fourth) Rabelais classroom quixotic war windmill (Spain) and Cervantes fifth forced marriage (Law) Moliere sixth concerning the comedy humor (English seventh) William Congreve speak irony truth (Denmark) Kierkegaard eighth train man eating out (beauty) Mark Twain ninth said Baba's major (the first act) (English) Bernard Shaw tenth comedy and humor (DE) @##@ Lipps What is the sense of humor? Kant think humor is rational "sparkling discourse"; Hagel think humor is "spirit" rich and profound; politicians think a sense of humor is easy and people close to, the writers believe that humor is a literature has the wisdom, is a product of human wisdom, free and kindness are ample, is a prude natural enemies...... What is the sense of humor? Why there is so huge and enduring magic? Book 20 classic article produced by human society's great humor works, invite you to understand what is the true sense of humor.
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What is the sense of humor, why there is so huge and enduring magic? See the "humor" twenty speak for you announced!
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