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Date of publication:2001-07   Press: Yunnan people's Publishing House   Author:Zhao Bole   Pages:367   Words:270000  

Through the Buddha, of course, to explore its broad, deep, subtle and complicated ideology. Shakya Muni from the start-up time, Buddhist teachings began to spread, but the Buddha did not put this theory recorded. Shakya Muni nirvana, his disciples according to their memory recorded the teacher's instruction, thus was born the oldest Buddhist classics. Interestingly, some of the world's religions such as Christianity, Islam also had a similar situation. Interestingly, some of the world's religions such as Christianity, Islam also had a similar situation, through the continuous development of later generations, the number increasing of Buddhist classics. Through the Buddha, also should go to understand Buddhist figures of the innumerable, of which the Buddha Shakya Muni and many of his disciples, made important contribution for the development of Buddhism historical figures, more life into Buddhism, the monks according to law and practice. These individuals, with their own actions, exhibit a living culture scroll. At the same time, we also can not ignore the gods of every hue of the Buddhist world. They are created by people, but the essential role of Buddhist culture, in a sense, the spirit world is the world of colorful colorful refraction, the human spirit to see God, also saw the most humane contents of Buddhist culture. Through the Buddha, but also care about its blew cultural achievements, this is a present a splendid sight world: literature, art, sculpture, architecture, music, drama, dance and various celebrations, various customs...... A hallmark of many achievements is the cultural achievements. The house can be said to be the most attractive part of Buddha.
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Zhao Bole, associate professor of Yunnan University. Has long been engaged in teaching and research work of India culture and Buddhist culture, went to India University in Germany for academic research in 1 years. Published more than 40 papers, the main works include "eternal Nirvana" etc..
Chen Li, assistant researcher at the Yunnan University, has published more than 10 papers.
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The picturesque legend, the ups and downs of the history, otherworldly characters, charming landscape, let us with this little book through Buddhist, enjoy the numerous famous temples, explore the Buddha soil peace and conflict, experience the Buddhist circles of broad and deep mystery, for the Buddha buddhahood......
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