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Zhai Wenming, born in 1970, native of Jiangsu Nantong, in 1995 graduated from the Shanghai Fudan University, received the bachelor degree in literature. The Hulun Buir evening news, Hulun Buir TV reporter, director, project director, senior writer. In 2001 the press, the literary works in the light is daily press, Chinese press, Heilongjiang science and Technology Publishing house.
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The copyright page: illustration: the construction of the south slope of a great many emperors in the ancient ritual Beiyue Temple Taoist temple. The ancient Mt. Hengshan eighteen king, now surviving Hanging Temple, Dynasty palace, flying grottoes, Hui Xian Fu, Jiu Tianfu and so on more than 10. Which stop Zhi Ling Qin Shihuang is said to climb Mt. Hengshan and Taoist connect place. Later, the emperor worship or send funeral oration, this stop Zhi Ling became the pick-up point. Mt. Hengshan since ancient times for the holy land of Taoism, as early as the Han Dynasty, a Taoist activities. Buddhism also build a temple in Mt. Hengshan. It is said that the Mt. Hengshan in the Western Han dynasty built the temple, dating back about 2000 years of history. Located in the old Mt. Hengshan main flying stone cave temple, built in the Northern Wei Dynasty, after the Tang, Jin and Yuan Dynasties rebuilt. In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Mt. Hengshan has a large group of ancient buildings. Only the size of peak temple 60, known as the "three Temple four CI seven pavilions, seven palace eight hole fifteen temple". Peak in the surrounding landscape Sheng, also built a large number of temples, Hunyuan County alone there are more than 100. Among them, Yingxian County Fogong Temple Shakya Muta, Hunyuan City, Yongan Yuanjue Temple Pagoda Temple, occupied an important position in the history of ancient Chinese architecture. In the Liao and Jin era, Mt. Hengshan was the state of culture, college school, cliff inscriptions stele, couplet many. North Mountain is a famous Taoist, dedicated to the Jade Emperor, the emperor, Lv Dongbin since reasonable Beiyue. In addition, Maitreya dedicated to the goddess of Confucianism and Kong Zi etc.. Especially the Taoism temple Jade Emperor, Sakyamuni, Kong Zi tied for the high-profile, share the earthly fireworks, the five mountains of wonders. Rarely in four in Foshan can see the trail; similarly, in the control of Lingshan in Wonderland, also the few Buddhist wind. While the northern Mt. Hengshan three house has changed the old patriarch, three same column a, well, enjoy the world of worship, can not be said to be a miracle. Many of the ancient architecture, unique natural scenery, long history, famous scenic spots of Mt. Hengshan became the natural landscape and human landscape and win, distinctive, celebrities, such as Li Bai, Jia Dao, Yuan Haowen bachelor, Xu Xiake and others have had to travel. Layer upon layer suspended the vast tank Shanxi has the vast majority of Chinese ancient wooden building, the most prominent example is located in Datong South Buddhist Temple Group - Hanging Temple. Hanging Temple is the first Mt. Hengshan scenic spots. The temple is located at the foot of Mt. Hengshan of the Golden Dragon gorge, about 80 kilometers from Datong, is said to be built when the Northern Wei Dynasty called a clear monk, now has 1400 years of history. It was built in the cliffs, "Hanging Temple day, three air ponytail hanging" folk proverbs. The whole temple are the size of house cabinet 40. Temple in the cliffs chisel cave in cantilever based, pavilions to the path along the cliff overlooking the valley floor is communicated, as if, at the cliff like rainbow. The whole temple building is divided into three groups, the first of three palace, Taoist heaven and earth; and for the three Temple, Buddhist resort; finally to San Jiao Dian, for as Shakya Muni, Kong Zi on the right, left as I like three like look different, lifelike. The temple and strong 78 statues, all of China's ancient architecture in the treasures. The whole Hanging Temple scattered high and low, stagger has caused, twists and turns, ingenious. The steep mountains here, both sides is standing more than 100 meters, like the ax cutting general cliff, Hanging Temple will stand on the cliff, looking up, but see layer upon layer of diange, only ten root like chopsticks like wooden temple on the. The large yellow ochre rocks, like tilted slightly forward, and instantly to collapse.
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The five mountains
would be extremely Ling, list of small hills,
although day in more mountains and homogeneous

her beautiful Huashan Heng Mountain

and the famous Mt. Hengshan of Chinese History Museum of Songshan

wind cool Buddhist mountains to < br > Mount Wutai
a heavy cloud flying sea mountain

Green destiny sword Mount Putuo lottery wrong suspect draw

Mount Emei Xiuyi Qingyuan nine lotus

Mount Jiuhua Taoist mountains five square Xianyue co go
Wudang Mountains
green yarn enveloped all smoke stack

Ping Penglai Mount Longhu smoke from Emei, Mount Sanqingshan far

Gu Mu green world quiet

Qingchengshan cultural mountain flying along the river to 庐秀

Mount Lu Millennium murals have left Riverview
Qixiu Southeast Wuyishan

Fujian sea section of Penglai mountain
mountain mountain living in
the famous historical
1000 appearance Chikage pearl Luan

Kunlun Qianshan pulse from the days of
> Tiantai Mountain Huju dragon mountain towering Zijin Mountain

Jinggangshan revolutionary cradle of a generation of great men so

Ling Xiang Shaoshan grace

Mount Li scenic mountain nature magic first mountain
Changbai Mountain
Bingfeng Yuli in cold clouds.
Qijue charm day into

Mount Huangshan Huanzhong must win
Yandang Mountain
gaoshanqing Jianshui blue

Ali Mountain Ottawa colors such as Dan, Canruo Mingxia
Mount Danxia
Shushan king
Gongga mountain
County North Yue South Yunnan. The first peak

Green majestic Jade Dragon Snow Mountain into the clouds
Cangshan >

surprising the world water
the Yellow River water heaven
the Yellow River
the endless river billowing Yangtze River

five volcanic and even Wudalianchi
one aspect mirror island
a pearl powder color quantity scale jade to float smoke
Baotu Spring
C plus the total affordable

West Lake Kunpeng shot in Qian Tang river three thousand

Sea Garden Music Island

Dan day on Gulangyu Islet and Riyuetan Pool @##@ Tan
To give readers a comprehensive understanding of the brilliant Chinese civilization, extensive and profound understanding of Chinese national culture, we organized a dozen experts and scholars after many years of efforts, launched the text a thaw narrative reading, exciting picture appreciation, convenient and practical retrieval functions. "China: the mountains and the" history of China is released from the framework of pure emperors and Dynasty, combined with the latest research results, the full range, new angle and multi-level re interpretation of five thousand years of Chinese history and culture. At the same time, "China: the mountains" also volumes with some knowledge links and small column, in order to enhance the knowledge and fun of reading, to the readers as rich as possible knowledge point.
in order to better display the great and splendid Chinese civilization, we adopt the form of text in the editing style. Based on consulting a large number of historical documents, select some beautiful pictures, including site restoration, cultural relic photos, portraits of celebrities, beautiful scenery, social scene graph and chart, or text images directly reflect and extension, or the text background, text together, complement each other, stereo highlights the deep history details of Chinese culture in various aspects, fully take care of modern readers, so that readers obtain sustainable aesthetic enjoyment and subtle spiritual edification.
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The Chinese nation, Yamakawa Oso the magnificent, river torrents, feeling of surprise. The landscape behind China, staged countless legends. Leshan benevolent, wise water music. Let us calm mountain and water smart to visit famous mountains and rivers, the landscape story.
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