The Mayan word puzzle

Date of publication:2006-1   Press: Shanghai ancient books publishing house   Author:Wang Xiaobing   Pages:229   Words:213000  

Wang Xiaobing (1967-) German brigade Chinese Sinology and national scholars, in 1988 graduated from the Renmin University of China Department of Chinese undergraduate. In 1991 graduated from the Graduate School of Minzu University of China, received a master's degree. 1992 - 1997 in Japan, as the International Trade Centre (Ehime Matsuyama, Japan, English) in translation. 1998 study in Germany, majoring in Chinese, Japanese and ethnology, in 2003 July by the German
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The chapter in the first chapter, American culture and American culture in the first quarter of the Mayan civilization second festival in America's national distribution in third day Asian American civilization homology said fourth quarter of the Mayan civilization history second chapter Maya text found and decipher the first millennium ancient world to reproduce the second festival site data collection section third suspected the end of hills and rivers no way fourth day There is a way out. The third chapter Maya writing research progress and status quo of the first text data of archaeological excavation section second cultural relics preservation and database building third text reading and research section fourth symbols standardization and catalogue fifth other aspects of the results of the fourth chapter in America writing system the first section outlines the second day third Festival SA Po Fu olme Fecteau Turk text section fourth m must be Turk text fifth text fifth chapters Aziz Turk Maya text of the origin and development of the first section Maya writing origin of section second 比奥尔 seeks love meI text system in section third of the characteristics of the Mayan word The four section of the sixth chapter, the historical development of Maya writing text material carrier and social function of the first section bone carving, jade carving and stone and wood carving text second text third pottery painting and pottery carved characters fourth mural text section fifth books within the text of article in the seventh chapter the Maya text word components first writing element second section pattern grapheme third word components eighth chapter Maya text configuration mode of the first section whole word concept second single element word section third complex word fourth much words chapter ninth words and syntactic structure of the first section of noun and noun phrase second day third day fourth day pronoun adjective verb fifth prepositions in section sixth, the reading order and syntactic structure of the tenth chapter of example: the ancient Maya rain god seeding pictures below two: "green birds" king article of three bowls of altar inscription: example four: Tao Wanmingwen below five: 96 word article of six: Palenque Bei Mingwen Blackstone City No. 3 Bei Mingwen example seven: Ticul 5, the inscription example eight: bone awl Example nine: Glyph of clay, wooden lettering below ten: Iasi Qu Lang No. 24 door lettering Appendix A: the Maya writing used note table appendix two: the Maya writing used signifier table appendix three: Mayan names match and kingdom logo table appendix four: Mayan gods name table appendix five: names, place names and proper nouns in Western control the retrieval table reference list: Ancient Mesoamerican national distribution table two: 20 days were in America each text in table three: the name Maya Tzolk'in 20 days and the symbol table four: name and symbol @##@ Maya Haab 18+1 months In Central America tropical jungle to lie quiet for thousands of years, had been rumored to be "the alien language" ancient Maya text, after several generations of scholars for their hard work, most have been broken! The magic and strange and yet full of charm and character, like the opening of the ancient world the key, leads us into a god king ruled the distant past. This book is the first systematic introduction Chinese Maya text books. Deep cultivation and polyglot based on extensive collection of the international academic community of the latest scientific research, concept system and explain profound theories in simple language to use China readers are familiar with the language, a comprehensive introduction to the origin, structure and social function of Maya hieroglyphs. The book is a variety of income Maya Character nearly a thousand, and a 10 article with detailed annotations of the ancient Maya, and operating convenient names, place names and proper nouns in the control key, is designed for an introductory books are devoted to in-depth understanding of the Maya civilization and the text of the scholars and general readers and preparation. This book is the introduction of the Maya writing monographs first Chinese, comprehensively introduces the origin, structure and social function of Maya hieroglyphs. The book is income Maya Character nearly a thousand, and a 10 article with detailed annotations of the ancient Maya, and operating convenient names, place names and proper nouns in the control table retrieval. Is designed for an introductory books interested and ready to deeply understand the Maya civilization and the text of the scholars and general readers. Is the author of the book in 2004 and 2005, during the Shanghai East China Normal University postdoctoral China language flow station work achievements in scientific research.
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  •   The morning to see the 9 sets of documentary about Maya writing so ordered the book to have a look
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  •   For just general knowledge about the Mayan culture, if do in-depth research, this book yet.
  •   Browse the catalog and probably content. I feel quite detailed. Figure with relatively complete. (many classic images have) is to understand the transition stage of Maya Hieroglyphic phonetic. I add some sense of design personnel necessary.
  •   The contents of the book is very good, a very comprehensive, worth seeing!!
  •   A very good book, I like, thank you very much very much:)!
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  •   A good book,,,,
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  •   May be seen in the most detailed and systematic description of the Maya writing. Not only has the science, inspired the professional study. Arrangement and the instructions are clear and science.
  •   Was supposed to learn Maya hieroglyphs
  •   The first time to buy things in Dangdang, total worry delivery will be very late, the goods will be a problem, received the goods will lay down their hearts. The delivery time is not too late, the book is also very good, no defect. It seems that I should believe that online transactions. The future will be more to buy things in the.
  •   Be very careful to read, if only because the tourist wants to find out about, I don't feel the need to read.
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