The lost world

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Michael Clayton (MichaelCrichton) is my old friend and Professor Liu Bing are very like writers, we in the "China book review" magazine interview column just talk about a period of his novels, who knew that Michael Clayton had died in November 4th, aged only 66 years old. Our conversation was published (in August), should he was bedridden for days, the coincidence seems to be interpreted as "my own heaven"? Michael Clayton was born in October 23, 1942 in Chicago, the first reading of literature at Harvard, and later transferred to the Department of Archaeology and anthropology, but finally in 1969 in the Harvard Medical School Medical doctor.

"The Lost World ('Jurassic Park' sequel)" the main content: "Jurassic Park" event happened 6 years, on an island of Costa Rica with dinosaurs survive. Paleontologist Levin and Thorne, Sara, Malcolm and others to the island is on the exploration and research. But the accident occurred, the chaos. Levin not only do they managed to escape, and to stop Dodgson heart evil acts to steal dinosaur eggs...... This is a be struck with fright trip.
Author brief introduction

Michael Clayton MichaelCrichton, born in 1942 in USA Chicago, attended the Harvard University Department of literature, then read the Department of Archaeology and anthropology, and then studied medicine. From Harvard University in 1969, doctorate in medicine. In 1969 he published his first best-selling book "day of bacteria" (TheAndromedaStrain), which is a high-tech thriller. His fame reached its peak is a good
Chapter excerpt

The Santa Fe Institute is located on Canin street. The house which belonged to a monastery. Hold this seminar place was originally a chapel. Ian Malcolm stood on the platform, a bunch of sunlight on him. At the moment he did not go on, but dramatically and made a pause. Malcolm this year forty years old, in the research institute is a well-known figure. He was one of the pioneers in the research of chaos theory. However, due to the Costa Rica badly hurt, his promising career was once interrupted. In fact, there are several news media have reported that Malcolm had been killed. "Unfortunately, I stopped in all mathematics department of national celebration," he said later, "but I just slight death. The surgeon has created the miracle of make the dead come back to life, they will be the first to tell you this thing. And now I'm back -- you can also say I have resurrected." Malcolm is wearing a black dress, holding a walking stick, give a person with unaffected and plain feeling. In the Research Institute, to analyze the problem and see him conform to no conventional pattern tend to be pessimistic. He was a August entitled "edge of chaos" report the typical reflection of his thoughts. He made a analysis about what the application of chaos theory in the theory of evolution in the report. Make him very satisfactory, his audience will have a more profound knowledge. The Santa Fe Institute is the mid 80's by a group of chaos theory meaning of great interest to scientists set up. The scientists from different disciplines of physics, biology, economics, computer science etc.. They all believe that there is an internal order behind the complexity of the world, this order once the scientists were puzzled. But it will be chaos theory, namely the complexity theory now known as revealed by. To sum up in a word, complexity theory is science "in twenty-first Century". Research Institute scientists have explored many of the behavior of complex systems -- on the market company, nerve cells in the human brain, a single cell enzyme gate, migratory birds behavior -- the system complex, before computer, to their research is not possible. This study is a hitherto unknown of the results amazing. The scientists soon noticed, complex systems exhibit some common behavior. Gradually they think, these actions are all the characteristics of complex systems. They realized, these behaviors can not use analysis of each part of the system to explain. Simplified has long been the reduction -- took the watch apart, to see how it works -- in the research of complex system is incapable of action, because some interesting behavior seems to be generated from the interaction between components of spontaneous in. This kind of behavior is not scheduled in advance, without external guidance, it is spontaneous. So this kind of behavior is called "self organization". "In the study of evolution," said Ian Malcolm, "we are particularly interested in two kinds of self organizing behavior. One is the adaptive problems. This is everywhere. Company to adapt to the market, the brain cells to signal transmission, the immune system to adapt to the infection, animal adaptation to their food. We gradually realize that adaptation is the character of complex system -- which may explain why evolution would result in more complex organisms." He shifted his position on the platform, the body center of gravity moved to the stick. "However, the more important question," he said, "is a complex system in order to keep the balance between the needs and changes in the way. Complex system often makes itself is called 'the edge of chaos'. We can think of, at the edge of chaos is enough to make life system to produce new shocks, but also enough to make it not stable factors fall into a state of disorder. This is a zone of conflict, it is full of turmoil, full of new things and old things constantly struggle against. There is no doubt, how to find a balance point is a very difficult problem -- if a life system is too close to the equilibrium point, it is dangerous in disorder and bring about; but if it left the edge too far, it becomes rigid, rigid, be a law onto oneself. These two situations will lead to its destruction. Change is too big and too little is devastating. Complex system only exposure to the edge of chaos to thrive." He paused. "So, from its connotation, species extinction is the result of change is too big or too little change of the two kinds of behavior." Many people in the audience repeatedly nod. Most researchers present on this view all agree. The edge of chaos concept indeed has almost become the Santa Fe Institute. "SorryYes, "continued Malcolm," between the theoretical framework and the extinction of the fact there is a wide gap. We cannot confirm our idea is correct. Can you tell us some animal fossils of extinct time, but cannot tell us why they became extinct. Computer simulations are of limited value. But we can't use the living organism to do the experiment. So we have to admit that the extinction of species is unable to confirm, also cannot experiment, so it may not be a science subject. This may explain why this problem has been one of the most intense debate about religion and politics. I want to remind you, in the A Fugadero digital is no religious debate, the Planck constant, pancreatic function problem is No. But in the extinction of the issue, this debate has lasted two hundred years. I don't know how to solve, if -- the gentleman? What's up. In the last rows a man raised his hand impatiently waved. Malcolm frowned, clearly uncomfortable. Practice in college is, after the speaker finished just let your questions, interrupted in the middle of a person's speech is not polite. "Do you have any questions to ask?" Malcolm asked. In the hall behind a young man stood up in her early thirties. "Indeed," said the man, "just a little." The man who spoke with dark skin, thin, wearing Khaki shirts and shorts, every act and every move is rhythmical, very good. Malcolm knew the name of Levin paleontologist, he is from Berkeley to the college to attend summer training.
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He has a very great ability, is the concept of integrated science and drama. Only he can make the dinosaurs to life. Michael put the self, has magnificent glory side written into the novel, no one can replace his position. -- the famous director Stephen Spielberg Hollywood and Clayton continue to tell us the story, as for a reason: we love them. Tech thriller this category is evident by the "Jurassic Park" and "the lost world" complete control. -- that Amazon facts: as a sequel, which together with the adaptation of the movie together, create the literary market the highest profit record so far. "-- Publishers Weekly" @##@
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