The history of Jewish Culture

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Xu Xin, Professor, tutor of doctoral students of Nanjing University philosophy and religion, Jewish culture research institute. Nanjing University in 1977 to teach, in 1985 served as deputy director of the Department of English. Research and teaching of thousands of Jewish culture is mainly engaged in 1988, research direction involves the Jewish religious, cultural, historical, and the Jewish Diaspora history in china. Courses have "Jewish culture and world civilization", "Jewish History"
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Carding, systematic and comprehensive introduction, unique vision, objective comments, rich visual data become "the basic characteristics of Jewish culture and history".
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The first chapter of the national formation and early history history into historical legends history judges United Kingdom split the period of captivity during the Second Temple period internal religious purged the maccabean uprising Haas Monn Dynasty Herod period Jewish War chapter second Jewish Diaspora history diaspora beginning Egypt Jewish Center Babylon center of the Byzantine period the Islamic world Jewish Muslim rule the Spanish Jewish Center before modern Western European Jewish Center in North Africa and Spain by the Osman Empire refugee Jews of Eastern European Central Russian Jewish American Jewish Center in the new world the first Jews British Caribbean Jewish Diaspora Jewish Center North American Jewish American significance of the third chapter "the Bible" cultural monotheistic thought unified cosmology on time for new knowledge on the establishment of evaluation of good and evil and the life value and ethics standard contract law concept of eschatological Jewish dietary laws of Judaism organization "Bible" classics "Bible" Bible " "Outside of the prophet and the prophet thought works prophets and prophet movement prophet fourth chapter" Tamud thought "culture" Tamud "" Tamud "" Tamud "the theological foundation of the social and cultural background of" Tamud "by the political background of" Tamud "who compiled the" Mishnah "compilation" Mishnah "Introduction" Tamud "Tamud" case of "version" Tamud "culture of other literature" tosefta "" Midrash "...... Historical persecution appendices bibliography @##@ chapter fifth since the medieval Judaism Rabbinic Literature sixth chapter seventh chapter calendar, festivals, rituals and cultural activities in eighth chapter and ninth chapter text literature Jewish revival movement in the tenth chapter of the Jewish culture new center eleventh chapter and other gods of the twelfth chapter the Jews face The Jewish nation is an ancient and unique national society, the Jewish culture is one of the oldest civilizations in history. Since the Jewish nation into the history, the unique culture of their creation is becoming a source of culture of Western civilization, the world civilization, especially produced tremendous and profound influence on the western society and life. From the vertical perspective, the Jewish civilization two thousand years ago in the beginning of the century gave birth to Christianity, established the first Jewish God thought dominant position in society; the 14, in fifteenth Century, went to the intermediary role of European Renaissance; when modern comes, and capitalism, especially played an irreplaceable role in the development of modern financial industry, information industry. From the horizontal point of view, the Jewish civilization by the Jewish nation in the world, Islam and Christianity diaspora spread widely, have exerted great influence on the contemporary Chinese culture of the world. Knowledge and understanding of the Jewish culture is our understanding and awareness of an important aspect of the world. This book is a comprehensive as possible and briefly introduces and evaluation of Jewish cultural content of books, through a can on the broadest possible readers interest, stimulate their desire to read the way, show in the Jewish nation in the past four thousand years of exciting and profound history event and cultural achievements, is understanding and knowledge of basic reader Jewish people. Carding, systematic and comprehensive introduction, unique vision, objective comments, rich visual data become "the basic characteristics of Jewish culture and history".
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