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Date of publication:2004-2-1   Press: The contemporary world press   Author:Martin J. cannon   Pages:559   Words:450000  

"Cultural symbols" exotic culture trip -- understanding the 23 countries, a Book of the culture as a symbol of a nation to understand cultural thinking and comparison of different ethnic and cultural way of thinking. For example, the American obsession with football, the Italians love of opera, the symphony of the Germans, Spaniards passion for bullfighting, Brazilian samba intoxicated, etc., to describe the characteristics of different countries and the different national culture thinking. Thus, cultural symbol became to XOR map, guide us to make an exploration of the world culture travel, to really understand the culture of a nation is how to run.
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Martin · J · Gannon, doctor of philosophy, Columbia University, Professor of University of Maryland, Robert H Smith School of management, director of global business center. Klich Parker, founding director of gannong or commercial society, economics scholars program, Klich Parker business, society, economics scholars program is a college students to live and study group. Gannon served as director of academic at University of Maryland
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Objective: personal description of the first series of the first chapter to understand the cultural symbol of constructing four segment model cultural symbol of cross-cultural understanding is crucial in what time, what time to be of no great importance the book is organized second authority arrangement type culture second chapter Thailand Kingdom relaxation of the vertical hierarchy of freedom and equality Thai smile third chapter Japanese garden cultivation collection of water or energy aesthetics fourth chapter India Shiva dance of Hindu philosophy life cycle cycle family circulation social interaction cycle of work and entertainment circle the ending chapter fifth Bedouin jewelry and Saudi Arabia other bold Handmade style traditional woman all the sixth chapter Turkey Coffee hall seventh chapter Brazil Samba eighth chapter of Poland the village church ninth chapter Korean pickled cabbage and third equal competition culture and fourth market pricing culture and fifth split national culture and sixth tear culture seventh series with a symbol, a different meaning and eighth across national borders bibliography biography
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