The comparative study of Chinese and Canadian ethnic and cultural diversity

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One, the "bridgehead" strategy and internationalized talents training in 2009 July 25 to 28, comrade Hu Jintao in the expedition to Yunnan made the important instructions built Yunnan "bridgehead" China and the southwest, which is a great strategic deployment of the CPC Central Committee and State Council in the era after the financial crisis in the new situation at home and abroad to China a round of reform and opening to the. The national development and Reform Commission and the Yunnan provincial government take positive action to implement the "7.28 directions" and rise to the "bridgehead" strategy, in July 6, 2010, hosted by the national development and Reform Commission, a number of ministries and representatives to attend the high level conference, officially launched the "Yunnan province to speed up the formulation of supporting construction guidance" in China and the southwest bridgehead, trying to new opportunities for the development of a new historical starting point, and constantly open up Yunnan's reform and opening up and socialist modernization construction in the new situation, and constantly promote the development and opening of Yunnan and Southeast Asia to a new level, the education modernization drive talent internationalization, through information technology to stimulate industrialization promoting agricultural modernization, in the foundation to build the western national higher education internationalization, the internationalization of the bridgehead for Southeast Asia talent bridgehead, eventually to build Yunnan into China and the southwest bridge head fort, state Hing edge neighborhood bridgehead and frontier of getting rid of poverty bridgehead, western social and economic fifth growth pole. The internationalization of higher education in Yunnan ethnic starts early, development speed is slow, the landmark achievement, "left" Guangxi relying on the "China - ASEAN Expo" has already walked into the national process of internationalization of Higher Education Zone, "homes" Guizhou relying on "Education Week" China ASEAN is the realization of "corner overtaking" has become the forefront of exchanges and cooperation with ASEAN the. 2011 is the "bridgehead" construction start year, "bridgehead" strategy is the major strategy deploy countries to accelerate the development of minority areas and give Yunnan to seize the opportunity of western development, Yunnan ethnic higher education in the western border open economic zone edge, the opportunities and challenges, the opportunities outweigh the challenges, must learn to grasp the opportunity in the crisis and for progress in the challenge, to try to overcome the difficulties and win the big development in local and international talent cultivation, not only she can continue to get advanced science and technology to promote the great leap forward development of Yunnan and the southwest of big development, but also can promote sustainable culture of Yunnan "the frontier" project and international talents to create a new situation the frontier minority socialist modernization. "In order to grasp the construction of China ASEAN Free Trade Zone and China and Southeast Asia, South Asia cooperation historic opportunity", "to speed up the pace of opening to the outside world, improve our level of opening up, advancing universities real stoke 'going out' strategy, further promote opening up our province higher education, improve our province higher education cooperation and exchange level". To implement the national good neighborly friendship and peace development diplomacy strategy, in order to build a harmonious and stable international environment, strengthen the Yunnan development and opening up, construction of the internationalization of National Higher Education Province, base of FIEs in education, talents, platform in Colleges and universities. Yunnan provincial government granted the worker task to train new talent, including business management talents of Party and government personnel, excellent and outstanding professional and technical personnel training the talent, and the talent training depends on education, especially on higher education to complete. As the core institutions and Southeast Asia international talent cultivation laterite highland teacher education cradle "of Yunnan Normal University, it is necessary to design the system of personnel training mode, to cultivate a certain theoretical knowledge, but also has a strong international talents to meet the requirements of society and the times.......
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the Canada - China cooperation in higher education status summary of
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cross-cultural context for intercultural learning ability: the impact of education in Canada cross culture organization survey
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practical knowledge:
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Pepectives of Ge training English teachers' teaching ability of teachers team construction of bilingual teaching reflection of teachers' Education in Colleges and universities to explore

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IntThe international competitiveness of economic and trade erpretation

of service trade in China and Canada, comparative study of
higher education to promote the sustainable development of social economy -- Analysis Based on the sample data of 1980 ~
2008 from a Chinese Canadian ethnic and cultural diversity of economic and trade relations and
An Analysis of Canada's Successftll Respoe to the Global
Financial Crisis@##@ to the Canadian province of Ontario as the status and influence factors of Canadian Trade in services with
"China - Canada ethnic and cultural diversity of this comparative study" under the background of globalization on China and Canada in pluralism of national and cultural aspects, recent studies such as cultural, ethnic education, bilingual teaching as well as the economic and trade issues results. The book is divided into four chapters, respectively from the culture and education, the language and teaching, literature and translation, the economic and trade aspects of. The book on the research to promote the academic circles at home and abroad, improve the national regional development level, construction has the important enlightenment and reference significance diversity of harmonious society. "China - Canada ethnic and cultural diversity comparison research" for culture, education, language, literature and other researchers and college related professional teachers and students read reference. This book is a chief editor.
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