The chrysanthemum and the sword

Date of publication:2007-5   Press: The people of Shaanxi   Author:Ruth Benedict   Pages:301   Words:348000  
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A research topic: Japan,
three Japanese War, the Aberdeen, each do their job
five the Meiji Restoration, the history and the world the six,
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seven, "difficult to bear the" return
eight, wash
ten, the human relationship world, moral dilemma
twelve self training, children's learning
thirteen, since @##@ Japanese surrender From the literal interpretation of Confucian spirit, since that "benevolent invincible", so as long as we have "benevolence", can solve all the problems of the world. That is to say, once the thing is not harmonic, the worst result is that the benevolent body away to. However, the world is big, what people have died; the benevolent one one, the "invincible" business will be how to continue? In view of this, the "benevolent" not dead, "benevolence" of the spirit can not die. Big industry in order to "invincible" forever, "benevolent" first to master some skills to carry out body and soul. Hence the "benevolent invincible", I think the most important is how to become a "benevolent". The general understanding, "benevolence" is Kong Fuzi's moral scholars, is no strength for binding a chicken, a classics scholar. As I understand it, in fact. I think, "benevolent" when accessible world "benevolence" of operation. This "benevolence person" in just a few books like that simple, outside of astronomy and geography, I Ching divination, the evil of our situation, to remind myself, "the key is to become the weapon of unremitting benevolence person". Therefore, simply put, people who have the ability to become the "benevolent", necks stretched to the killing is not the real "benevolent". So, to "benevolent invincible", simple public enlightenment role is limited. Only holding the knife, armament unremitting, can educate the enemy, moved by friends.
benevolent invincible, this is the eternal wisdom, however, seems to have gradually forgotten. This is our national misfortune. If the above said is desirable, when encourage with the reader. Future leisure, we can wield Taiji, holding a sword. Not only for the enemy, the enemy.
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