The Chinese rhyme

Date of publication:2012-7   Press: Heilongjiang Education Publishing House   Author:Ma Kaiyin   Pages´╝Ü253  

There are poems, 150 more than the first, more than 300 pieces of photos, the book form of chic, fresh style, illustrations, artistic conception and elegant, rich flavor of life, between the lines filled with an old revolutionary soldier, an old Communist Party member to the motherland, the party and the people of life, sincere love of love, to read touching, awe inspiring.
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Ma Kaiyin, male, born in 1978, Hebei province Julu County, simple normal graduation. 1938 February to participate in the Eight Route Army, the same year in May to join the party. In 1940 November from Yan Xishan prison escape ventured to Yanan, to defend the group appointed instructor, instructor. In 1946 October from Yanan to Harbin City, served as party secretary, the City Civil Affairs Bureau, the United Front Work Department, municipal committee. 1985 from the city's party secretary and executive vice chairman post retirement. As the Chinese old painting and calligraphy research old painting of Harbin member, executive vice president, author of "golden", "the calligraphy and painting anthology", "sunset song" and other books. The 2008 year old leader "" biography "of Harbin City Committee published a" bow "horse.
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Preface be happy every day.
ordered an
and then writing between he ma old book
landscape Yun poetry
the first part

second part third part fourth part

fifth part sixth part
> postscript postscript
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  •   This book paper is very good, the price is very cost-effective, the contents of the book is also very rich, the tourist attractions is quite extensive, Ma Laoshi praises the republic spirit, it is worth a view, a good book.
  •   This, paper is very good, but the content is OK

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