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Date of publication:2003-8-1   Press: SANQIN Publishing House   Author:Yuan Fang Wu Puhang   Pages:285   Words:180000  

Presented before the readers "foreigner" is a set of books, the world some countries social status, and to discuss the national character, national character of books. "Foreigners" in order to achieve the purpose of books, mainly from the historical, geographical, political, economic, social life, religion, customs, literature and art, science and technology education, language and literature, basic necessities of life, such as weddings and funerals and other aspects, showing different colors, different country, different ethnic values, ways of thinking, moral ethics and aesthetic consciousness. It specifically focuses on exploring different civilization realm of humanistic spirit. This series of Shaanxi press after publication of "the world ten big series" series and "World Series" the rise and fall of the third empire, for the people of the world, to the world and to provide a series of readings. It continues to say the historical and realistic data, the patency of the narrative prose style and the mode of discourse, all people around the colorful charm. The book is divided into two parts: the first part is the historical and political writing English; the second part writing to British society and culture. The former is Wu PU for writing. General Wu Pu, we hope that through the one one part write British heavy sense of history. The latter is Yuanfang wrote. Yuan Fangshan, our purpose is to through this part of the presentation of social life and character of British people rich and colorful. Although the space is limited, we still possible to appropriate fully and vividly to introduce readers to the "british". Many studies of history, culture, social status, the author of this book has long been engaged in the country, and personal experience, experience and communication. For the reader to understand the country's social status, ethnic and national characteristics have a positive help.
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Yuan Fang, born in 1962, graduated in 1984 from the Department of Shaanxi Normal University, Bachelor of Arts; Chinese, 1984 has been engaged in the teaching work in Xianyang Normal University Chinese system. A member of Shaanxi Writers Association, vice professor Chinese Department of Xianyang Normal University.
Wu Pu, born in 1965, graduated from the History Department of Northwestern University in 1988. In 1991 graduated from the Northwestern University in the Middle East Institute, was a master's degree in history. 199
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The history of British political isolation and special, complex and the island of consciousness from "sheep eat man" to the "Glorious Revolution" and "a dynasty" "reigns but does not govern" monarch and the Supreme Council is not balanced Senate and house has a long history of electoral system of party politics nasal progenitor sea rise "on which the sun never set under the British Empire" war and peace "appeasement policy" to have the same enemy and hatred from large crevice clings to survival of the Empire of the social culture in the Queen's supremely majestic hierarchy of the British society as reserved and humor country proud of the brilliant history has great britain conservative creative spirit of the British people as reserved and humor country proud the Great Britain brilliant history has conservative creative British English gentleman British Shakespeare complex close to ordinary people's higher education is the National Traditional Sports about the identity of the British Fashion Festival of Britain cultural taboo and taboo
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  •   Overall, this book the general quality, as understanding the different foreign help, but relatively superficial.

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