The basic necessities of life in the country

Date of publication:2012-6   Press: China Radio and television press   Author:Zhang Yiyi   Pages:217   Words:168000  

The book across the history of the development of thousands of years, vocabulary brought is not only a kind of fun, it is a science to study, is a kind of ritual can copy is also a kind of cultural understanding and taste. Read these words, is the root and soul in to read in Chinese traditional culture, let you in the most lively in the daily life, reading culture context, taste that runs through the ancient and modern endless miles of Chinese style;
"life of Chinese culture" is a book about Chinese clothing popular books.
Catalogue of books

1 Dragon also may be "
related links extra": the emperor had to wear colored robe
2 "slovenly" what
related links: "Tianyi" how to "seamless"
3 "behind the screen" mask mind
related links: "many a little makes a mickle" know cold and warm
4 song woman love "culottes"
related links: the ancient history of the
5 pants mourning had "black"
related links: Funeral dress about
6 the ancients as beauty wearing "wig"
related links: "beam gentry," as the gentleman
7 earrings is "torture"
related links: put on a "ring" of different real
8 the "shoes" rules of multi
related links: lying to "wear shoes"
9 people also wear the "official"
related links: "commoner" why people
10 "brute" was a good officer
related links: "Dude" two rich generation
11 "cheongsam" of the full service
related links: "hada" from the Han
12 this year to "red"
related links: "red" Why watch festive
13 "beauty" early know
related links: "rouge" more appearance US
14 ancient "hat" implications of
related links: everybody likes "hat"
15 "hat" hunting for
related links: the ancient "fan" big power
16 Zhou Dai began to wear the shirt.
related links: "iron" in Chinese shirt
17 "man" meaning to know how much
related links: "heroine" is the
18 "-" how to become relatives
related links: "my wife" Shelved Ladies legend
19 who can not "Jin Xiang Yu"
related links: foul, foul within
20 siyaomianzi living death.
related links: an inch time inch gold "
21 Phi cassock" why her arms,
related links: dressing to show "partiality" />22 the
related links: the ancient "life-saving" gourd
23 "gown" is the queen
related links: set Nu Wa's "red scarf"
24 ancient men and women wearing "hairpin"
related Links: the bracelet was originally jade
25 "silk" expensive
related links: "jinlvyuyi" the soul
26 "crispy sugar-coated fruit on a stick" was drug
related links: "recipe" for Ou Yangxiu
27 made the mistake of the "Tianfu" sauce elbow
related links: why is it called "change" garden of vegetables pickled in soy sauce
28 a good "fried spare ribs, Wuxi style"
related links: Uncle sister-in-law. "West Lake vinegar fish"
29 "breeds" through the ancient and modern
related links: "husband and wife
related cereals" change "
30" cross bridge rice noodle ": why" Goubuli "meat steamed bun
31 no culture" drink ink "
related links:" moral "to gas go Tao Yuanming
32 the Yuan emperor like" ice cream "
related links: the ancient" cold "species
33 longevity long" longevity noodles "
related links: this gift to take" peach "
34 jealous rival to" jealous "
related links:" tofu "can account for much cheaper
35" Sachima "national emotion
related links: "Beijing duck" Nanjing
36 "cake" is not a domestic
related links: Tofu why is called "white meat"
37 Snuffy "drag"
related links: with the Limerick independent "doggerel"
38 eat into disaster "inviting"
related links: "main component is
see the vegetables" Beware of chop hand
39 "reassurance" related links: "closed door" to eat "soup"
40 the day to eat a meal
related links: the ancients to eat about
related links with dining
41 "halal food": "Chengdu snacks" spread long
42 "steamed bun" for ritual objects
related links: popular called "xiangbobo"
43 sharp knife "mutton"
related links: the ancients cooking "fire pot"
44 mind "dim sum"
related links: snacks and not a snack. "Snack"
45 "tea generation wine" respecting teachers and long
related links: "after three drinks, food five flavor" and culture of
46 "match" marriage with
. Related links: the highest "threshold" in the "
47 Chinese medicine to" hold "
related links: the traditional Chinese medicine called" Hall "do not call" shop "
48 Lions
related links: "in laws" the birth of the emperor
96 "bold" hero bravery as the big dipper
related links: the emperor face "tofu"
97 "spring and Autumn" host "
related links: sharper and Wei mouth
98 ancient counting love painting" is "
related links:" secretary "how
99" beauty not only leadership say the woman is
related links: "no not husband" misinformation long
100 "two hundred and fifty" is not the saying
related links: "back door" is not a modern word
101 "Mandarin" metaphor brotherhood
related links: "branches" is not very good
102 "old man" is a foreign language
related links: Han how "loafing"
103 women how to "Eighteen" to "
related links: the growth" plan "
104 dabeitaixi are" heartbroken "
related links:" spit "
105" hate zhizuijinmi "is a fantasy
related links:" think tank ", says
106 has disabled thousands of marriage" matchmaker "
related links:" double happiness "" Copybook
107 "writing" do not stop at
related links: the ancients to sell the "for"
108 "motto" is a real
related links: "model" is the two of
109 of the ancients "divorce" by the official
related links: Zhou Dai was a "closed" "
110" accounting "professional production as early as
related links:" secretary "too complex
111" surname Zhao "why row related in the first
links:" people "why he calls
112" old town "relationship between
related links:" seventy-three, eighty-four "is not
113 Dao Kaner do two endlessly
related links:" Tortoise Tortoise trust
114 dog catch mice are good
related links: three sentences without the
115 various professional "three hundred and sixty lines"
related links: sell the oil old son "champion" Lang
116 days to rain mother will marry
related links no "smart" really "no book"
117 know the son more father died the day is doomed
related links: Fan Li teach "business"
118 to the villain of the heart, a gentleman belly
Related links: master door, apprenticeship at the individual
119 spring first called "Youth"
related links: "favor, his eyes" to see people
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