The Anglo American cultural tutorial (below)

Date of publication:2009-9   Press: Science   Author:Jiang Yufeng   Pages:193   Words:385000  

"Cultural tutorial (under)" is a book about the social and cultural America textbooks, aims to help the readers to understand the USA social and cultural profile, such as geography, history, politics, religion, economy, education, customs and characters etc.. The reader may exercise training through learning text and the target language, rich national cultural background knowledge, and ultimately improve the ability of cross culture communication. This tutorial is condensed, Harbin Institute of Technology, Beijing Language and Culture University, Harbin University of Science and Technology, Guangzhou University, Hunan University, Harbin Medical University and Harbin University of Commerce experts, scholars and has long been engaged in the Anglo American culture teaching teachers' hard work and sweat, a special thanks to is, this tutorial also been vice president of Northeast Normal University, doctoral tutor Professor Zhang Shaojie review and specific guidance American expert. This tutorial is authentic language, authentic, novel content, easy to understand, design unique, rich format pictures, as college English majors and non English Majors English culture curriculum materials, can also serve as a self learners to use the same English level.
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The Chapter 1 Geography Chapter 2 History Chapter 3 Government and Politics Chapter 4 Religion Chapter 5 Economy Chapter 6 Education Chapter 7 Social Life and Customs Chapter 8 Who's Who Appendices Key
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  •   Is the teaching of university English one of the specified.. Content more substantial, classification is clear, the paper generally.
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