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Date of publication:2012-7   Press: People's Posts and Telecommunications Press   Author:Takasaki   Pages:289   Words:212000  

"Saints quotations 500" featured the saints quotations, profound thinking, catchy, with eternal light and great strength to conquer the hearts. Readers can peep one spot and see the whole picture, to understand the cultural essence of Chinese civilization for thousands of years.
the content is divided into twenty-one chapters, chapter are different entries, each entry includes "quotes the original", "sayings source", "quotes interpretation" in three parts. The three part have different emphases, provide a full range of guidance and explanations for the reader, so that the reader can learn wisdom, from which to broaden our horizons, enhance the realm of life.
"saints quotations of 500" is the popularization of Sinology books, good books is inspirational, self-cultivation, suitable for all like Chinese culture, the lofty aspirations of the readers.
Catalogue of books

The 88 aspect of not, generosity will remain
89. sometimes, do not fall Albatron ambition
90. ambition can sometimes, obtain thepractice the
91. Mo sang Yu late, luxuriant sky
92. ancient into the event, not only super, it also has
93. the perseverance no, hey man
94. for learning to be first determined
95. nutation self pity daughter bone, Fuli still Wanli heart
96. holds the records such as heartache
97. where there is a will, there is a
98. husband as Huang Hu Ju, as Fringilla acts chirped
99. is not interested in year high, no ambition long-life air
fifth chapter vision: vision to put in the long run
100. to be vigilant in peace time, thought is prepared for the
101. provided the big gentleman, far villain, provided
the little, near
102. a
103. on things past cannot be recalled, it is after
104. small leak will sink a great ship,
105. the frog in the well can not be said of Yu Hai, due to the deficiency of
106. also does not climb up a high mountain, know how high the sky is; not deep river, I do not know of the thick
107. in the recent, 以一知万, to
108. will treat micro know big does not treat fine, success is not a small
109. the dark to succeed, the knower in unerupted
110. 深计远虑, so not poor
111. Ming did not sprout from the vision, but a wise man can avoid danger on the invisible
112. aim high "
113. but far Chi, do not cover eyes in Angelica
114. fear clouds, just because at the top
115. if the interest is not far, absent-minded, although no
116. into a major event in ancient, ambitious and comprehensive scale dense micro management, two 阙一不可
sixth chapter integrity: Mencius
117 year and after then knows the pine and cypress carved
118. gentleman solid is poor, poor, abused,
119. little gentleman righteousness, Yu Yu Lee
120. people can not shameless. The shameless shame, shameless,
121. wealth can not be sex, poverty can not be changed, not to be subdued by force, it is a true great man
122. I cultivating my righteousness
123. inherent in a death, or weightier than Mount Tai or lighter than a feather
124. I
125. her husband would rather live, not to be
126. an eyebrow. Powerful, so that I may not be happy Yan
127. man dead ear, not for evil wat
128. husband suffered, as to his rich, why make sentences and
129. birth, death is also a male ghost
130 see section is poor, one one down Dan
131. destroyed the fear, to stay clean in the world
132. in tens of thousands of hoplite, Ning end window
133. frugality makes honesty, straight and can endure
134. treasure Qin 1 cavity blood, sprinkling can still go pictorial
135. hero a prison, and also with
136. a thousand pointing fingers, a willing ox
seventh chapter flexible bow: a wise person as the hero
137. Gou Rixin, each day the new
138. the poor are changed, it will pass, long general
139. world of impermanence Expensive, to
140. birds choose wood, wood can choose the bird
141. can win change because of the enemy, that God
142. knows the future marriage, not now, also
143. move when the life is easy, and political reform is needed
144. water does not rot, is
146. saint Saint not francou not get into a rut. Dare to innovate, on the matter, because the preparation of
147. if the benefits to the people, do not have francou; Gou Zhou Yu, do not have to follow the old
148. a wise person, care about hero
149. will not do, the old with the new
150. after three days, namely more strickle to
151. treatment phase do not prevent people, people don't if treatment, treatment does not prevent
152. both imitate, and flexible
153. day not scary, fathers not, say not a shirt
154. no ancient and modern, but the appropriate, and the people's ears
155. Jiangshan generation of talented people, the collar talent for hundreds of years.
eighth chapters to: people to without beg product from
156. 宠辱若惊, despite suffering from
157. to
158. colors blind person who does not have to be
159., not with people Don't know, who know who
160. bow from the thick and thin responsible for the people, then far resentment
161. poor but not flattering, rich without arrogance
162. a basket of food, drink, in the alley, people unbearable sorrow, to return to their music
163. haste is no speed
164. gentleman, small long
165. ahead of the game when there is no way is hidden.
166. the gentleman has three
167. to no man, and no power, sage unknown
168. know, struggle for
169. Taishan do not let the soil, so it can become bigger and bigger
170. no non indifferent to Ming Chih, quiet Zhi Yuan
171. does not find, not just the rich
172. negative people, not necessarily the evil; learning in nature, and as the person who does not have
174. and when the volume change with extravagant pride, my heart only to frugality as beauty
175. if the heart is, no not a blessing; if the heart is evil, no not the evil
176. I do not love money, Wu Chen at death, the peace of the world,
177. foul, foul which
178. to stop the desire, rather than in the common desire to
179. life rich colt had gap, Wei Yourong 名寿 stone
180. Haina rivers, greatness lies in the capacity of
181. get sick about prevention, long to look
ninth chapter calm: wealth to me as a cloud
182. I Sambo, and conservation: one, CI, two, Jian, three, did not dare for the world first
183. better not to facilitate self tired
184. hi should not like No matter, anger should not be angry no anger thing
185. Ning solid poor with mercy, not wronged and has
186. life expensive amenities Seoul, how can one Huan thousands of miles to a
187.. Forget the name, Sergeant standing, corporal theft
188. Bodhi is not a tree, bright mirror also non Taiwan, originally a thing, where the dust
189.'t enlightenment, the Buddha is a sentient beings; Wu, sentient beings is the Buddha
190. all the Bodhisattva, unobstructive clean Hui, all depending on the meditation
191. all the troubles, as if
192. flower and one world, a leaf like
193. Dan not know to the veteran, riches and honour to me as a cloud
194. but can calm the body cool
195. looking back at the bleak, return, no rain
196. do not boast a good color, leaving only the man Qiankun
197. sage wisdom, clear understand, no one had private grudge in the room
198. Chongrubujing, see pretrial blossom; fate not, looking at the sky Yunjuanyunshu
199. Hua Chi Chun full moon, pure
200. regardless of wind and waves, increasingly saunters along
tenth chapter of filial piety, filial piety as the first
201. cry Parents, me birth parents is
202. disease worry
203. into the filial piety, out of his
204. three years not changed his father's way, is filial
205. few things parents advice, do not see Chi, and king is not illegal, work without complaining
206. parents of the year, not be known. One is happy, one is in fear of
207. filial to great on
208. but shun to respecting parents, can solve
209. son custody, lucky heart, do not violate the records
210. shuyujingerfengbuzhi, son not to raise and close to
211. parents, people this is
212 a foot of cloth can be stitched; a bucket of millet can be ground; two brothers could not compatible with
213. and son not letter, it brings one another
214. who grass inch heart, reported in the apartments
215. does not have no mercy, to know love but doesn't teach
216., age nine that can warm mat, filial piety to parents, when the
217. into four years old, can let pear, brother to the long, should be the prophet
218. yangyouguiruzhien, crow has feedback of antisense
219. thousand through code, the first
220. resources, thin parents, not adult
221. I, filial piety difficult; Pro hate me, Xiao Fang Xian
222. Pro has the disease, medicine doctor, day and night service, does not leave the bed
223. rob the wave brother, meet a smile min enqiu
eleventh chapter lover: to love the heart of
224. people only nation, Se
225. the people had to
226. our
227. people are the most, followed by state, the king of light
228. love, people love
229. old I old, and old person; young I young, and young people
230. Le min music, people also happy to happy people worry; people worry, and < br />231. where governance, first rich
232. against the world, must let a person
233. benevolent, that its central gladly love
234. people not curable, since ancient times, said
235. is not just a country, people
236. poverty of the people. The evil students < br />237. know the house leaks in the space, know the government lost in Kusano
238. the world, the world will cover all over the world, the world is not one of
239. gentleman, boat, water. While water can carry a boat, it can also overturn
240. tens of millions of Andhra Guangsha, Great Jubilee the world famous all the land, wind and rain do not move the mountain
241. spring a millet, 10000 sub autumn harvest. Universal no idle land, farmer
242. heart starve to death "Nongsang bitter, ears like the smell of frozen sound
243. hungry I advise the king, the heart, bright base. Not as you feast, but according to escape house
244. all over the body of Luo Qi, not the silkworm
245. first and worry about all over the world, after the world enjoy
246. Xing, people suffering; death, suffering people
247. husband will in the country, in order to make everything a sleeping mat
248. porridge rice, when does not come easy; tiny, constant reading material
249. Ya Zhai lying to Xiao Xiaozhu, the suspect is the sufferings of the people.
twelfth chapter knowledge: knowledge is the largest capital
250. words innocence, heard enough of ring
251. began, it is also
252. person one can that has hundred; ten energy, has thousands of
253. learned, the interrogation, the deliberative extensively, Atsuyuki,
254. know, do not know, is know
255. bufenbuqi, not determined to learn
256. know meat in March
257. who is known not as good, better than the music of
258. erudite and Atsushi, asked and thought, virtue is in such a
259. official and the optimal learning, each
260. every letter, as no books
261. science can not have
262 I think that knowledge, 100 disaster were also
263. read a hundred times and the self righteous see
264. disciples do not have to be better teachers, teachers do not have to Yin in his
265. article share with me, I can share with you
266. learn about to take, thick and thin hair product
267. is known well, shame and asked complacency
268. book to use square hate less, you never know how difficult
269. in suspicious and does not doubt, not science; science should be suspected
270. wind and rain, the sound of reading, hears; family, state and world affairs, everything about
271. everything is easy to meet, but reading life endless
272. reading must let go of holes to be standing heel
273. gentleman, just
274. familiar with the three hundred Tang poems, not poetry will sing
275. for industry, but only just carry on
thirteenth chapter XI: time can't be light
276. shizherusifu, between day and night
277. the life of heaven and earth, if the gap over all of a sudden it
278. a young idler, an old
279. prime not to - day difficult morning.
280 wood and so, one talent
281. heaven early, white the first study to regret later
282. spring reading unknowingly have deep, time is money
283. juvenile hard life, Mo to time idle merit
284. Mo, the juvenile white head, mournful air
285. for young and old to learn hard. Time is not light
286. day is one day training benefits,
287. I was born to be tomorrow, everything into wasted
288. will not be a day of fall, the heart can not one day put
289. ten thousand years too long, seize the day.
fourteenth chapter for learning: learning to win
290. without learning, it is still 墙面而立
291. learning without thought is labor lost, thought without learning is perilous
292. again, to be a teacher
293. am and indefatigable
294. learning, not
295. if not, fear of loss of the
296. ancient scholars for this scholars
297. and not tired, so it becomes the
298. science alone without friends, Gu Lou and ever
299. of the unworthy; people do not learn, do not know
The 300 books are still drugs, good health fool can read the
301. and less learning, such as the rising sun
302. article, a nation immortal grand occasion
303. no non school to be wide, non ambition is nothing to learn
304. a day without book, Pepsi barren
305. reading and without understanding; every knowing, they gladly forget to eat
306. reading break rolls, getting a God
307. read ten thousand books, traveling thousands of miles of
308. Yu Pingsheng this article, in three, it immediately, the pillow, on the toilet also
309. coarse silk wrapped career, have read gas from China
310. unlearned non learning
311. asked him what so clear, as a source of water for
312. people can not learn, and fish can't anhydrous
313. after three days without reading, or the mirror also consciously, with
314. learning is like riding a boat, or
315. Qin Shu Shan Road is a diameter, zuozhou 学海无涯 bitter
316. as our dutyBusiness, can not
317. is one of the difficult easy to learn? It is difficult to learn, will be easy; do not learn, then who can not easily
318. for us to learn not to be young, and can not be arrogant and
fifteenth chapter: look before you leap "
320. 多言数穷 benefit, it is better to keep
321. would not argue, debate
322. the poor gentleman ashame that his words had the
323. gentleman not benevolent have Yi Fu, but no petty are also
324. twice by
325. and
326. is a gentleman and action
327. from
328 words and then know people who lose, no slip of the tongue
329. also, the world big also; and also, it was also
330. not here, not against
331. and human kindness, warm in cloth; wounding words, deep in the
332. does not light spears widowed, not robbery to the enemy and being always prudent
333. 1000 Zhang embankment, the ant cave collapse
334. spoke with human goodness me, will be speaking with man sin I
335. 'words with content and a lattice, is to not be deprived of his, death is not to be deprived of
336. golden hundred, it is better in good faith
337. is clear, and listen; its so dark, into the
338. anger does not make the innocent, don't kill people from
339. wood show in the forest, the wind will destroy
340. do not be small and in bad, not good for small
341. diseases a
342. is exaggerated, not a large
343. shallow, deep, I also
344. the world a little, especially Jing Shen, if he shall come to his pride, defeated
345. give the flash, listen to the words of
346. ring is good and evil people with their recruit
347., and the villain is not and make a statement of < br />348. sad words, poison Yin
sixteenth chapter ice work: the original
349. saint can do nothing, education without saying
351. is not often, too, fierce
352. evil doers, will himself
353. bang, and then decline three and exhaust 354. no, no need, no solid, not I
355. word, deed, shallow and stubborn and the villain is
356. Wen Chao, die
357. see such as less than good, see the poor, such as the soup
358. good work. , must first sharpen his tools
359. gentleman upon himself, for all
360. without the villain, do not know it too
361. bitter medicine and conducive to disease, advice from ear to inverse
362. cutting, well designed, but also
363. 'smell not to see, see not to know don't know if the
364. before the car covers, car commandment
365. rabbit and 顾犬, it is not too late; sheep and remedy, never to late
366. forewarned is vertical, not relaxation is
367. of waste water to pure have no fish, people do not only to detect
368. don't forget the < br />369. shilly Shally, than retreat webs
370. seeing is believing
371. a spent force, force cannot enter Pseudocaranx Lu
372. known to the world and to take, but does not know and for getting
373.. Chikuma then Xiao sound, view a thousand swords then knows
374. words are not in line not only, as
375. is in shortage in the play
376. can save large
377. small against the southern mountain might be moved off, not can shake
378. office is the national
379. at the end of the paper come Zhongjue shallow, no matter known to practice
380. Hing Lee As in addition to a pest, a going.
seventeenth chapter Politics: leadership of the square and circle
381. Toku Shanjun, the political support in the civil
382. governing a large country, if cooking a small dish
383. not Jun Jun, Chen not minister, the disorder of the
384. virtue uplifts vice debases
385 desires and crime, no words between
386. for all those people straight wrong, wrong clothes; for in vain the straight, then people may
387. not in its place, they
388. to the office and letter, husband and lover, when people to
389. to
390., is also and the harmonic
391. later will have to drink the death of its country
392. relaxation,
393.. Also in Xiuwen De, external treatment arms
394. not to the rules, not Cheng Fangyuan
395. to disorderly political will perish, for evil attack is dead, the inverse attack Shun death
396. love's too close, the crisis will be the body; the ministers are too expensive, will change
397. words to hear, the word into the
398. 居马 on, Ning can immediately rule between the
399. birds do, the good bow
400. Pro Xian Chen, far villain
401. the subjugation of the Lord like Chi
402. see each public worship, I also body pain
403. does can rejuvenate, leisurelyhenan be allowed to perish the body
404. no matter in the world, do not waste Wu
405. levels can not be a long time to steal, power can not be a long time in the
406. world without aggrieved people
eighteenth chapter friends friends: the way
407. two concentric, breaking the benefits of
408. 上交不谄, pay not Du
409. on
410., the nation's treasure gentleman cooperate to do good deeds, the villain than and not the
411. do not to do
413. and other friends, in
414. three rows, must be my teacher Yan Yan
415. 平仲 sociable, long to
416. and
417. inside, many people benefit Friends, bad friends
418. a hedge between keeps friendship green
419. for friends who are dead
420. life and death matter, is known to be
421. known as />422. 贫贱之知 not Forget
423. forces, the ancients shame />424. gentleman to choose which
425. villain with a heavy, phase of thousands of miles to
426. sea memory confidant, Tianya Zorpia
427. flower diameter is not swept, quiet man
428. Mochou road before without a friend, the world who knows you
429. the man knows, time will tell the
430. goose feather sent thousands of miles, courtesy light weight friendship
431. friends should not be excessive, indiscriminate is flattering to
nineteenth chapter: talent is the maximum power
432. make it mountain of stone, can attack the jade
433. a good reward, is Kuang, patient is saved, the loss of
434. sea not demit water, so it can become bigger and bigger
435. Saint thousands of concern, there must be one
436. three state-owned ominous, is not with Yan
437. enabled, Junjie reign, while people in the world are
438. ten horses, if not a bole
439. are good, people will be very Yan
440. can't evade the enmity, held not to avoid the
441. Chen Mo to no jealous and Jinxian
442. self doubt not letter, be self-confident person
443. Mu Grip of the three, three meals a spit feeding
444. cover a very power, will be very
445. winds know Supergrass, is general Cheng Chen
446. remember people long, forget the short people
447. to people as a mirror, can the gain and loss of
448. gold tired thousand, as a virtuous
449. official selection who treatment, as the anthropic officer chaos
450. regular grid is not broken, a rare
451. with the people, when as far as the material of
452. Yin Hao who need not be limited to the
452. and its position, do not take their job; Ren to things, not to say
454. suspect does not make. People do not doubt
455. suspected person may not work with, a person may not and
456. I beseech God to enliven again, welcome to join
twentieth chapter of patriotism: the rise and fall, for
457. Gou Li state, and to
458. for the love, harmful to the country people hate
459 died in the calamity, see dead suddenly such as return
460. 忧国忘家, sacrifice economic difficulties, the loyal volunteers
461. when trying to recover the royal family, why do 楚囚相对
462.. See his day, chaotic world general Zhongliang before />463. not
464. perishing before victory, make the hero tears full Jin
465. to serve the country, not love monkey
466. the heart to serve the country, just
467. dared not country, things still to be closed coffin
468. is still not and years all the old, still can make the male die
469. life since ancient times who have no dead, according to retain loyalty
470. a Chinese dream, the next spring poetry
471. one inch sunvo company is an inch of gold
472. three hundred and sixty days a year, are
473. warer immediately benefit the country things, death and to avoid
474. white mourning dress Linjiang oath out Hu, lion one hundred thousand gas swallow Wu
475. world, ordinary base, and has the responsibility of Yan ear.
476. if it is life and death, is it because bad fortune to avoid becoming the
477. without half an acre, worrying about the world; to read ten thousand volumes, grok the
478. four million with a cry today, Taiwan
479. last year cut the state land, not size and
480. only solution. The die for the country, why should they died
481. Jun Mo Xi head expensive, take the history
482. 取义成仁 today the matter, the world over the kind of freedom to spend
483. to study the rise of China
twenty-first chapter homesick emotion: bright is the moon
484 I left home before, Yang Liu Yiyi; we come back in the snow
485. elegy can laugh, Yuanwang can Angelica
486. set only seven days, has been away from home for two years
487. all alone in a foreign land, Sze times during the festive season
488. end of the rural where is? The river makes a person anxious
489. Xiang Shu He 处达? But Luoyang
490. the Moonlight before the bed, doubts is the ground frost. Look at the bright moon, bow their heads and think of home
491. Fiberhome even in March, letters from home always
492. tomorrow 's window, plum blossom with flowers not
493. tonight dew from the white, bright is the moon to see
494. this spring, the date is to
495. tonight hometown think of a thousand miles, downy Ming Dynasty after year
496. immediately meet without a pen and paper, sign up for by Jun Chuanyu restful
497. when he cut a total of west window candle, but the
498. wine into the feeling of sadness, into tears
499. nung, thousands of miles of the moon were
500. Spring Green River south, the moon when the photos I have < br />501. sunset, heartbroken people don't in the
502. be broken into Xiang hearts, home without the sound
503. bury me on the high mountain, look at my hometown; Hometown I see none, never forget

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Takasaki, the "sage of 500 quotations" content introduction: Saints quotations is the essence of Chinese traditional culture, embodies the wisdom, nurturing generations of sons and daughters of the Chinese nation. As a member of the Chinese nation, we should inherit and carry forward it. In the current situation, we build socialism with Chinese characteristics, the important task is to promote China's traditional culture, to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and these quotes the bearing component is thick and deep meaning.
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