Reading and classical counterparts.

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The basic unit of change text 1 symbols are symbols. The process of reading is actually the interpretation of meaning of language symbols, text symbols so that readers can have different interpretation of the text, change the reader's reading to a certain extent. As China's history classics debate began in the scripture text contrast, that differences of different contents and title text font, thus formed the different understanding and interpretation of the classic. The new text scholarship focused on "sublime words with deep meaning, seek, bringing peace to the country from the analysis of reason; ancient scholars advocated" not to say the words "and" on the skill and biography ", by the historical facts to analysis the classical meaning. Moreover, the vernacular movement in the nineteenth Century at the turn of the twentieth Century, the vernacular Chinese replacing the traditional classical style, and spread, thus to achieve the basic unity of written language and spoken language, make educational and cultural knowledge to civilians, to the public, greatly expanding their horizons of reading, and at the same time, people's reading habits have undergone profound change. Changes of 2 carrier in the form of Chinese literature as an example, every change form, has greatly changed people's reading habits, from Oracle to the simple strategy, from the simple strategy to the paper, from the hand copied from an engraving machine engraving, to printing, from paper to electronic book. Su Shi in the Song Dynasty on the impact on the popularity of woodblock printing on reading a "bunch of books do not view, root" lament. Now, the hypertext network era, also brought a reading revolution. It can be said that different text form is associated with different reading practice. The traditional reading, because books publication and dissemination of backward technology, the text is not easy, only a few books such as the object of reading classics, readers have awe on books, reading process more emphasis on reading, reciting and reading, acquiring spiritual nourishment from. In the west, from ancient to Medieval, reading is reading aloud, reading is considered abnormal, prohibition of silent reading has become one of the church's duties, until the year tenth Century, I gradually popular. With the development of printing, books increased sharply, reading to the reading from the intensive reading, reading, reading from toward the silent reading, fast reading, now the network, the reader is more browse and select.......
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note "Reading, expounds the important practical significance in today's reading transformation and classical reading culture and classical counterparts" from reading and culture, reading and social two aspects, at the same time to the study of human from the perspective of cultural reading. Comprehensive study of reading the cultural connotations and social functions in the overall environment of social history. The incisive language, easy to understand. It is readable and doctrinal writings and, as a "national reading popular books and library distribution, which is not only necessary, but also very suitable.
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