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In order to adapt to the environment, in order to safeguard social harmony and stability groups, in order to continue and development of human being, as thinking developed, can be made using the tools of human, by thinking or according to the natural conditions, or on the basis of self perception, the formation of patterns of behavior or norms of different. Differences in behavior later people will have different from natural conditions, known as the "wind"; and by the social cultural differences arising from the behavior rules, known as the "vulgar", often referred to as the "Customs" or "folk".
folk custom is an established, its spread to the whole nation, or the country, or to a small village, a village, a few Valley, a few households; its content is comprehensive, the sun and the moon and the stars, astronomy and geography, small to death, the basic necessities of life. Looking at all the folk custom, are all closely linked with people's life, all the people to the happy pursuit of a better life and expectations based on. Like fish live in the water, everyone living in the folk village, from matter to spirit is a folk "water"! It can be said that the folk custom is an important symbol of national recognition. Leave us, shaping our, we used to express and thinking of folk, people are lost, lost.
Catalogue of books

A, folk custom content
three the characteristics of folk, folk origin
five, function of folk custom folk heritage of

overview of marriage customs.
A, match making
three, Mr dating
four, set by
five, please daughter (son)
seven engagement, betrothal gifts
nine, choose the dowry days
eleven, the marriage registration.
marriage preparation
A, clean up the house.
three sewing bedding
four, send invitations, hire "trumpeter
six, please" sedan chair "Chef" and "busy man.
seven, please" felt welcome "and" with wife
eight, please "relatives", "top", "lift the gift box," send rice et al "
nine, copper pot" peach "and" copper pots of goldfish
ten, carrying the dowry
twelve, press shop Kang Kang
fourteen push makeup, drop table

ancestors wedding program, hang silk, with "double happiness"
three makeup, a sieve
four, charge
six, married to "hold" the groom
eight, songqin strong wine
ten, the "first"
eleven, thimble, onion, garlic and concave
twelve, the exchange of gifts
thirteen, rotating mirror
fourteen and don't go back "......
Chapter excerpt

"Couplet" one word, is in the early Ming dynasty. When the Ming Taizu Zhu Yuanzhang when the emperor after all, like lively, like big people every new year's Eve put Zhao Fu, want to promote. In the year before New Year's Eve he issued an imperial decree, Jinling (Nanjing) requirements of every household should be written with red paper couplets stuck on the door frame, to greet the new year. New year's Eve night, Zhu Yuanzhang to patrol, from house to house to see Spring Festival couplets. Every time I see a well written couplets, he is very happy, praise. A home without the Spring Festival couplets seen on patrol, Zhu Yuanzhang is very angry, asked what reason. Chamberlain said: This is a company engaged in pig and castrate pigs living master, Chinese New Year is very busy, have not had time to please people writing. Zhu Yuanzhang orders for ink, wrote a couplet for this letter: "road of life and death split hands, knife cut off the non - root." After writing to patrol. After a period of time, Zhu Yuanzhang finished inspecting returned to the palace, and passing through here, see the butcher family has not posted him to write couplets, asked what was happening? The master of the house is very respectfully replied: "this pair of couplets is the emperor personally written, we hanging in the nave, incense worship every day." Zhu Yuanzhang was very happy to hear, ordered the Chamberlain gave the thirty-two silver. Thus, the "spring" and its name and the popularization, and Zhu Yuanzhang issued an imperial decree advocated and promotion is inseparable. The original Spring Festival couplets inscribed in peachwood board, then rewrite on red paper, but the temple couplets with yellow paper writing. Keep three years of mourning is not full family first year without couplet, second years can use the green paper, third years with yellow paper writing couplets, fourth years of mourning period returned to write couplets with red paper. Spring Festival couplets posting is disciplined, if posting inappropriate, back to front, would be laughable. Post order their traditional generally: facing the door, on the right, the second line on the left. Also some people believed that the Spring Festival couplets posting order should be based on the streamer prevail, if the banner is written from right to left, on the right and on the left, in the. More types of scrolls, according to the use of premises and the door heart, box, spring bar, Dou Jin etc.. "The door" affixed to the door panel and the top center position, "box on the" affixed to the two door, "spring" according to different content, pasted on the corresponding place, such as the Chinese New Year in the courtyard with "Hi rise see (some consider to be the first to see 'Hi')", "safe access", "Congratulations" words. "Dou Jin" is also called "door leaf", as the square rhombus multi affixed to the furniture, single door or wall, during the Spring Festival, everyone likes to lose "blessing" word, it belongs to the "dou jin".......
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