Date of publication:2001-7   Press: Shanghai Pictorial Publishing House   Author:Guo Ning Pan Fan   Pages:113  

This book introduces the French civilization through Paris. This book in order to avoid the ordinary and special in the way of reasoning about Paris, a variety of scenery and monuments to ebullience style to the capital city of Paris in the book, also introduced the French art and local customs and practices, which will be able to understand why Paris will become the capital of France, and capital for this "enlightenment light city" to as art and lofty ideas to change the world. The book to two active in France, the great Chinese artists and art thinkers as an opportunity, graph analysis and integration of complementary France and Chinese culture, one of them is in 1997 served as French art academy painter Zhu Dequn, another is the winner of the 1998 Fei Mingna prize novel art thinker, writer and poet Cheng Baoyi.
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Guo Ning, female, born in December 24, 1950 in Shanghai city China French Chinese, history and civilization, the French National Higher Academy of Social Sciences PhD candidate. In 1988 by the French National Higher Academy of Social Sciences, DEA diploma to 1990 in Higher Academy of social sciences institute assistant work in france. From 1984 to 1995, served as the "European Times", "Sing Tao Daily" reporters in Paris, during the period reported French President mitt
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Gong Dianqun outlined the preface French limit Philatelic Association Secretary General Brino the total order of creativity in the first chapter of the royal family of Paris rich cultural heritage -- magnificent and graceful: Royal Academy of painting and sculpture in The Grand Palace Le Louvre Museum Le Louvre Museum Palace of Versailles the establishment of the Fontainebleau Palace 方庭 Luxemburg house disabled Veterans Hospital Small Summer Palace Palace on second chapter heroic monument, Triumphal Arch -- Overview: War and peace Vendome Plaza Place de la Concorde Triumphal Arch Triumphal Arch Eiffel Tower July column arch third chapter of Venus's favor -- Art and life overview: the art style of the medieval history of Le Louvre Museum Museum of Kruni Delacroix The Paris Opera House Memorial Orangerie Museum Musee Rodin Picasso Art Museum Orsay Museum Pompidou Cultural Arts Center, 苏比士 mansion and mansion jalila ESSA palace Fashion Museum of the Paris School of music fourth chapter Senna River reflection -- River and Bridge overview: Modern European art mother Xinqiao art bridge in Pont Alexandre III 比拉凯 bridge and Mirabeau bridge lattice Lenel bridge Alma bridge Senna River fifth chapter emotional and rational Forum -- Coffee and catering chapter sixth big city -- the subway, street and home the seventh chapter earthly paradise -- parks and outdoor music eighth chapter and ninth chapter -- Dialogue between tradition and innovation of ultimate concern -- church, cemetery and the literati Memorial tenth chapter rich cultural connotation of the Chinese
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