On 36 problems of ancient civilization

Date of publication:2007-3   Press: The people of Hubei   Author:To Si Xin   Pages:264   Words:322000  

To think the Xin, Mr. long engaged in popular science creation, interpretation of terms, 出浅入深, achievements. Haitian press the "young Expo, mystery series", the two prize of the National Book Award "golden key". Writing for the Wuhan TV "character of TV series", won the two prize in the national education television piece grand prix. Chief editor "for Wuhan press young Expo" of "series of works"
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A legend, six case of 1 Flood flood legend: memory, flood the world puzzle Nineveh mud plate or speculation throughout the world? Arch-criminal mass extinction of 2 "Noah's Ark" eternal mystery story of Noah: Exploration and search up and down that sanballat and his thinking "the ark" Dibud Fassold legend "Ark" really exist? 3 "Atlantis": the mystery of Platon and his "dialogue" Public opinions are divergent. the Azores that stars collide with the memory left Bimini wall Crete Atlantis said Atlantis fourth: Cyprus seabed 4 "Mu": Night sank puzzle isolated peaks from historical documents unearthed "Mu" Pacific "" mystery "lost" 5 mu of Antarctic ice: Oasis riddle like green hair dancing crust moved epic memory 6 ancient: nuclear explosive puzzle Sodom destroy India epic: record of nuclear war? The ancient ruins of nuclear war Sodom era of Gabon's "nuclear myth", the six case 1 two remains beyond time and space: "nail Ou Paz" product mystery unknown source or origin inlaid silver crystal stone in the spark plug stainless iron formation in the...... Chinese Lanzhou stone test 2: do a job with skill and ease heart, brain operation ancient mystery before 40000. The stone age craniotomy before 5000 of the artificial heart Chinese ancient craniotomy in 3 and dare to earth: model aircraft aircraft, the ancient Indian map puzzle Egyptian papyrus records of the flight to Columbia and Egypt in the space navigation Peary, Reis map fina UZ map cloth Yashe map 4 ancient lighting: the Baghdad Battery mysteries of ancient Egypt lighting debate "Hathor Temple" relief Baghdad Battery let icon shining golden light 5 lose after having got it? The age of "computer" mystery "Greek divers found Professor Price lose after having got it" 6 thoughts: extraordinary as if done by the spirits that dating crystal head puzzle looking grim from the authority of the Department of three, six case of 1 stones of great momentum: three of the world's large boulder mystery Southern rock saksaq waman Ayers "will change the stone" "stone" the curse of the 2 Easter Island: what stone giant mystery mysterious island to find out who's masterpiece? Human, or "God"? A serious negative who is the earliest residents? Several hypotheses: 3 the stones mystery hanging over the sky of stone who was built? Why Stonehenge and repair? 4 Costa Rica: stone ball puzzle 5: the mystery of Brittany stone column 6 South Martel: Stone Castle mystery surrounding the islands the curse of death investigation and questioned four, six case of 1 Pyramid remains: Mystery construction transport million mystery riddle riddle riddle voluminous data remain forever puzzle "alien" card said Egypt's glorious 2 Babel Babel Tower of Babel: the mystery of rebuild tower puzzle through the long wave, after all the dust gate of God 3 Malta: stone groove track sun pillars Palace of the Earth ruins of Palace of the Earth of Malta, Temple of the mystery, mystic Turkey: 4 underground city grand underground city mystery 格尔里默 Valley who was the builder? The sky from the enemy for 5 port Alexander: the lighthouse mystery from fishing village to have sunk bride Building Puzzle fuel puzzle building mystery of time underwater salvage 6 Pharaoh tomb curse: the mystery of young Faro Tutan Camon not ghosts is fungus five, Castle six case 1: the mystery of the Mycenaean palace, crazy Agamemnon mound cemetery B and cellular tomb Mycenaean left the conspiracy and vendetta mystery evil Pelops family tragedy Agamemnon Schliemann 2: Minos labyrinth whirling mystery "Mino beef" legend "maze puzzle Evans face" site 3 dead Hill: the mystery of Mohen Daro found "the hill" ancient city civilization for the ancient civilization of India River civilization and master the mystery of the missing 4 gods inhabited: Teotihuacan mystery who served under a sun? The gods inhabited make architects shocked by the mysteries of the mica found similarities and 5 other giant building: Precast "Katia Huanaco mystery the Lake Titicaca giant built city Solar gate in ancient times of the sun god" the demise of the 6 sons of Machu Picchu Inca Mysteries: Secrets of the ancient mountain building puzzle is broom after refuge? Six, human, national six outstanding 1 xungenwenzu: the mystery of human origins "Sea Monkeys" say "Sealand double ancestors composite" say "extraterrestrial" said 2 grinding: not only the human footprint mystery two hundred million years ago. Unfortunately, trilobites and dinosaurs together 3 Die: The Iceman "Oates" mystery "Iceman" discovery "Iceman" is what kind of person "Iceman" battle hunter, or a shepherd? Murder is the oldest? "The axe" and "tattoo" mystery before 5000 "Banquet"? "The curse of Oates" puzzle 4 Sumerian origin: the mystery of a melting pot of strange "nail head word" mysterious culture Sumerian origin mystery 5 Maya: the culture of mystery Maya Pyramid and "shadow snake" beyond the era of astronomy, calendar fun number system and the mystery of the universe to text migration Palenque spacecraft 6 Eve conjecture: the earliest human ancestor of Neanderthals had a mystery for Lucy's footprints and Eve conjecture @##@ ancestor of modern man stars twinkling in the sky This book contains six case, legend six case, stone relics in six case, six case remains such 36Ancient mysteries, constitute a Yizhenyihuan, ups and downs of the bizarre story, fascinating, ANEMAE CORE. Book with pictures, full and accurate data, reasonable, explain profound theories in simple language, suit and the common people.
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  •   Many mysteries reminds me of an alien civilization, more firmly alien advanced life and civilization
  •   A very good book, very love.
  •   Content can also, like the history of the people can be considered a little more understanding.
  •   The contents of general and special, book binding, especially bad, I found myself not to buy a book, but a stack of special waste newspaper!

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