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Date of publication:2002-10   Press: The world knowledge press   Author:Chen Wenzhao   Pages:278   Words:217000  

New Zealand is very beautiful, Yama Mi, water, grass beauty beauty. Here, which rise amid ups and downs, Aoyama Kaoruiku; Lake constellation, green water leisurely; pasture patches of green grass. New Zealand developed animal husbandry, wool and sheep shepherd driving performances, attracting many visitors. The legendary color, have a style of one's own Maori woodcarving, rich combat experience, mighty and robust Maori dance, let the visitor a feast for the eyes. The North Island of New Zealand's South Island in different poses and with different expressions of geothermal landscape and colorful lakes, formed the New Zealand unique natural scenery, attracting tourists from around the world. New Zealand is really make people love the place. The author has long been engaged in the new work, to visit New Zealand many times, in 1998 as China ambassador to new zealand. The author visited New Zealand north and south two island, understand the national conditions and customs, customs. The book records the author of what one sees and hears, and equipped with dozens of vivid image. The book to go to New Zealand tourism, study abroad and immigration will be helpful friends.
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Chen Wenzhao, born in 1940 in Jiangsu Wuxi. In 1960 admitted to the Beijing Institute of foreign languages (English Department of Beijing Foreign Studies University). In 1965 after graduation working in Foreign Language Education Department of the Ministry of higher education. In 1971 transferred to the Ministry of foreign affairs, work in the China CPAFFC europe. From 1976 to 1980, in the embassy, attache. From 1980 to 1984, in the foreign department of American and Australia at two. 1984 1
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The first chapter of the New Zealand white clouds as a national flag, national emblem,,, national anthem, national flower two frequent earthquakes 西风紧 three Qi Chuan different mountains Lake four beautiful environment increased longevity chapter second young country a history of New Zealand two "honeycomb" -- the highest power center of three administrative divisions of four developed economy in five new frontier -- Louis Ellie, the third chapter of the national language and religion one or two yuan social and Immigration New Zealand two language three new Zealanders name four new Zealanders character five church bells. The fourth chapter basic necessities of life faces a feather can distinguished guests two casual Friday three sweet taste of Pavlova four Maori rice five cottage deep flowers six holy wood hall seven lead in all directions of traffic fifth chapter customs, customs and festivals a hongi two marriage rite three funeral ceremony of four tattoo custom five wool and Shepherd six to seven eight nine morning shopping 雅赛尔 pub ten Halloween Christmas eleven floats twelve complex Festival sixth brilliant chapter of Maori culture...... The seventh chapter, culture, sports and tourism eighth chapter incentive to the main city on the education of the ninth chapter and the tenth chapter scenic
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