Near the building. A book is more fragrant

Date of publication:2012-11   Press: Haitian Publishing House   Author:Peng Guoliang   Pages:210   Words:153000  

"Nearly Loushu more fragrant (fine)" written by Peng Guoliang, this book is the author's personal reading experience, there are cultural man, book loving family, artists in the life of flash, expounds the important practical significance in today's reading classics reading culture transformation and also from reading and culture, reading and society etc. at the same time, from a cultural perspective to study human reading and studying the overall environment in the social history of reading the cultural connotations and social functions.
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Chapter excerpt

After returning from Daqing, I and the old man occasionally telephone, or because the article or because the book what. Two thousand and five years, the writers' Association of Hunan province's "literary world" magazine, the fourth stage was the Nie old album. In one interview, their brothers Nie Xinsen and Nie Xinhan's conversation. Dialogue brother asked: "how do you feel about your brother now retiring ahead of schedule,?" His answer: "a person can arrange time freely, how relaxed and pleased. Many have never read the book, you can now easily read; many invitations out folk songs, can safely go; to write work more hours, can not modify several times. There is plenty of time to read copybook to calligraphy, painting pictures." Speaking of calligraphy and painting, Nie Confucius had a rather unique expression. He said: "because I was forced to practice calligraphy calligraphy, and for getting interested. Later attempts to regulate physical and visual acuity, draw up painting. My teacher is the most direct various pictures, especially the bird book, this is extremely worship Xu Qingteng, Badashanren, Yangzhou eight monsters, Wu Changshuo and Qi Baishi all capital spending black painting, leisurely pen, 'meaning' forget 'shape', pay attention to the purport of painting, sublimation, with "literature is very strong. My drawing - say some boast of taste, the first, do have some time, read the picture very much, writing also frequently; regular contacts and art circle, listen to their advice, there was still some 'rules'. Second, you do not deliberately, and seems to have some fun. Third, since the centrifuge in the inscription, don't like to copy the poem, the people from time to time. My paintings to send friends enjoy, approval, and hilarious." He also said: "reading, writing, sedentary injury of bone, then stood on painting and calligraphy Huibi amused, not on the road to good fortune, only the lumbar spine, cervical spine loss does not hurt. Friends care and support, the demand of the hanging wall, it is heaven's gospel, the radiant person.'." Thus, the old paint, the mentality of the realm, is how detached. My house has a tea area, the wall hung a Nie old master painting: orchid pot, a book, a teapot, with two cups. The inscription said: 'tea. A guest to tea, and stock futures, without you, but say romantic piano chess, the punctuality and drink a cup of tea, and reading, although the king of the south is not easy also. "I think the old man is a real live understand living out of a realm of the literati, his master gas not pack out, but from the bones from a pore sends out. He has the strength of character, "Seven Sages of the bamboo grove" kind of vulgarity.......
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