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Xiao Bing, formerly known as Shao Yi slit, 1933 was born in November in Fujian, Fuzhou. The Huaiyin Teachers College, central China Normal University of Oriental culture Chinese department, Southeast University, Jilin Normal University, Northeast Culture Institute professor. There are "Chuci research", "China cultural anthropological interpretation of", "four the size of said anthropology interesting reading" series of books of more than 20. Who won the Chinese Book Award, Jiangsu Province outstanding social science book prize. Went to America
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The female shark, or snakes, or pangolin, or crocodile, or says strange fish; most likely an albino or implicit scales of a snake. It is a strange or alienation of the dragon, often can damage a person's life, but the lack of spirituality and the "full", desire. The so-called "shark", much like his meal with Terry. "Selected works of Cao Zhi" and "seven" Wei has said "a pearl voile, Jiao people play". Zhang Hua said: "natural history" South China Sea water fish such as shark, water in, don't waste fabric performance. The eye (or sleeping) can cry beads. This is the "sea of people". The most wonderful is the tears can become a pearl. It to the others play, parting "cry" a pan pearl, as Xie Li (this is the so-called "natural origin" legend ", due to similar association", from their tears into tears). It can knit chiffon, is "a handkerchief". "Anthology" Han Zuo Si "Wu Doufu" Liu Kuizhu Jin said: "vulgar Chuan shark from the water, had his people, product, sell raw silk." This is the story of modification. So some people united as one, said a handkerchief is a small shark bead up into the arts and crafts. "Unable to dance in light, cut broken spring blue handkerchief." (Tang Wentingyun poem) because it is woven with tears, later generations "handkerchief" metonymy his handkerchief. The mood is gentle and beautiful. Although the shark shape, gender ambiguous, but by love to cry, good, get pearl fabric and so on, generally can be regarded as Oriental mermaid. Shark bead sometimes Pearl substitution. Jin Ren le "Shu Yi Ji" said: "every bead with dragon ball, dragon vomit also." Japan "source 平盛哀 remember" say, long summer thanks God couldn't kill of grace, "in the court flavor bubble, as he spit bubble, all kinds of jade precious jade, rare heavy house" (according to Wang Xiaoping). Seems to be "variant shark pearl" of the story. Modern western "Mermaid" story than China much richer. In addition to the ancient myth, be good at sailing Europeans widely rumored, in 558 ad, Northern Ireland found singing in the waves of the mermaid -- mother maybe albino dolphin or manatee -- by fishermen catch ashore, the name "for real" (meaning "to the sea"). On SeafacingSuperior Chou ", which letter is addictive." The old man "a kind of" out of her life 300 years ago by the tsunami swallowed the little girl, "underwater world" into "mermaid". We saw several "fish" and "water" film and television, most is "to create" out: some people for some reason often occur "in the sea back" or "degenerate" miracle ", the fetal period of branchial cleft" reproduction, can use the cheek without pulmonary respiration (or well lung and repeat), human ancestors water state, exposed the subconscious death instinct, desire and fantasy atavistic regeneration. At the end of sixteenth Century, the British navigator Henry Hudson met the mermaid in the cold waters. He wrote in "Journal": this expedition found the side of the boat with a mermaid, he immediately greeted everyone to see. When the Americans from the fish in the sea water out of date, its eyes were looking at it, and then swim in the sea, she turned several somersault. When a mermaid dived into the water, seaman who see it tail, a bit like a dolphin's tail, there are a lot of speckle belly, like mackerel belly spots. This is very close to the marine mammals, such as seals and manatees. In 1726, long-term residence in Indonesia German priest Valentin issued a "natural history" of Ambon, recorded the "East India" mermaid; in the "Indonesia fish" chapter describes "Hainan" and "sea daughter", and illustration: a beautiful girl fish tail. Valentin depicted on the captured Mermaid, it clearly is an unfortunate animals. The girl is like a sea demon animal, people in Kalimantan (Indonesia) captured Ambon region on the coast. The length of about one and a half meters. It lived for four days and zero seven hours in a bucket full of water, it occasionally like mice squeak. People go to the basket lost some soft animal, crab and fish, but she what all don't eat. As we know, many animal is captured and confinement, refused to eat, would rather die than give up freedom. The mermaid's death, the bottom of the barrel to find some like excrement cat. Valentin description, also attracted the British king George III, the Russian czar Peter the great interest. In 1974, Scotland teacher William Malone Keith in nice beach, find the sea out of a long brown hair naked beauty, and is a fish. She swam for 4 to 5 minutes in the sea, also gazed at him for a while, it disappeared in the sea. P16-18
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The first chapter Mermaid records and parent second chapter Mermaid symbol and involves the third chapter Mermaid and human origin, @##@ atavistic impulse. Denmark Copenhagen sat Andersen "the daughter of the sea", the Poland Warsaw with a sword and shield the mermaid is the emblem of the ancient Greek city; the beautiful birds or Mermaid siren song temptation seaman who drowned herself...... Nature really a mermaid? What is her prototype? Why can she embodies the unity of opposites and the good and evil of life and death? She and "what is the relationship between human beings originated in the ocean" theory? This book will provide you with graphic sex, life and death imagery. "The culture tidbit series" 3: "Mermaid" --, the life and death imagery, "Tibetan mastiff" -- dogs, gluttonous and God worm, "butterfly dream" -- love, the soul, the resurrection and the aesthetic, are China culture as the background, comparative study of eastern and Western culture through the ages and, crack password. This is the famous cultural anthropology folklore knowledge expert Mr. Xiao Bing for the readers elaborate works the popularity of reading.
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