• Academic knowledge.

    "Chinese culture knowledge. (Illustrated Edition)" from the Chinese basic knowledge on hand, avoid pedantic, the selection of the value of traditional knowledge in the intravenous drip, with concise language clearly presented to the readers. Specifically, "Guoxue knowledge. (Illustrated Edition)" has the following three characteristics: one is,

  • Geography in China

    Geography, "said China 03: geographical" includes 30 for geographic expert meticulously, 15 words essay systematically introduces the geographical knowledge, more than 300 pieces of beautiful pictures, which cover history, culture and folklore, landscape, all-round display of all regions and provinces in China regional and cultural characteristics, fully embodies the humane and,

  • Pop music culture

    Pop culture, cultures of popular music, "pop culture" is the first study of western pop music and youth culture monograph. The author from the angle of culture, society and history, a comprehensive description of the various schools of the pop music, including rock, heavy metal, punk, reggae, rap, Bhangra and house music; the music flow were investigated,

  • The ancient Greek gods life

    "The main content of the ancient Greek gods life": Greek gods on earth was born. Appollo and Artemis to Delos city was born, Hermes spent his childhood in the rock, Aphrodite emerged from Aegean Sea, these memories with the continuous attention of pagan theology. There is a Greek theology called anth,

  • Cultural consciousness and cultural identity

    East Asian perspective - China Harvard Yenching scholars the Sixth Academic Conference papers selected, "cultural consciousness and cultural identity: East Asian perspective" included "25 papers Harvard Yenching Suzhou forum Sixth International Symposium on". By focusing on the "cultural consciousness and cultural identity: the theme of East Asian perspective," spirit of dialogue, exchange of the spirit of active exploration in the globalization of economy and technology integration,

  • Enlightenment

    Selected works of Walter Benjamin, Illuminations: Essays and Reflections, the book is "the modern academic library" series of "Enlightenment". (selected works of Walter Benjamin, the book contains: "from" the bourgeois century "to Zhang Xudong", "Walter Benjamin", "Hanna Ahrendt: 1892-1940 on Nicola Leeds cuff", "theory Baudelaire,

  • City Planning

    Introduction to ISBN:9787010056883, sports law, author: Zhang Yang,

  • The ancient Greek civilization

    "Introduction to the ancient Greek civilization": the ancient Greek civilization is the world of classical culture in a bright pearl, created brilliant achievements of ancient Greek nation in the literature, art, philosophy, history, science and technology, occupies a very important position in the history of world culture. It is not only the source of western culture, and in,

  • Boom the rural culture consumption demand in China and evaluation report

    Report on rural cultural consumption boom evaluation in China, this book is the prosperity of cultural consumption in rural demand for Chinese evaluation report edited by Wang Yanan "(2012 edition). "Boom the rural cultural consumption demand in China evaluation report" (2012 Edition) content as follows: since the government vigorously implement the "stimulating domestic demand and expand consumption, improve people's livelihood strategy,

  • Communication of International Sinology

    "Communication International Sinology (Fourth period)" includes: "Yin song published single thinning the Mao justice" published the "romantic" Buddhist temple, ZTE continued investigation, Li Zhaocheng published "Taiping details" on, "letter Lapel set" the compilation and edition, Guan Yuzhai vine ". The history of literature" lecture book, Macao,

  • The chrysanthemum and the sword

    "Cultural anthropologist Ruth Benedict" study classics -- Japan, understand Japanese essential reading, "the chrysanthemum and the sword" is the predecessor of a research report -- Research Report American wartime Intelligence Bureau commissioned to write about the Japanese author subject. Later in the report added before and after the two chapter, namely a book. The book was published in 1946 after the tremendous response, has become one of Japan's most popular books, because of its academic value and borrow,

  • Civilization and barbarism

    Did you get the book, Robert Luwe Zhang Qingbo's translation of "barbarism and civilization", be not only paper, ink and glue, you get, will be a new life. The night boat of love, friendship, humor and sea, between heaven and earth, in this book, the real book! "Civilization and barbarism,

  • Learn Chinese with the master

    "Learn and master Guoxue" has included from the period of the new culture movement in the late Qing Dynasty to five four Zhang Taiyan, Liang Qichao, Li Shutong (great master Hongyi), Zhu Ziqing, Wen Yiduo, Wang Guowei, Lu Xun and so on many at the time and now have been recognized, is important to the development of Sinology Sinology master works, the contents of both the essence of Chinese culture,

  • In gloomy mood

    "In gloomy mood" is Zhu Tianwen editor of the complete works of Hu Lancheng in nine copies last work. Collection of ten essays, eighteen poems, twenty-eight books, or notepad, or love, or express Zhi, can be considered as a continuation of the supplemented autobiography "this life". The most visible to the generation of talent Hu Lancheng literary elegance. ,

  • The mountains - China

    The mountains and rivers, "said China's 04: mountains" includes the great country, Yamakawa Oso the magnificent, river torrents, a sigh of surprise. The landscape behind China, staged countless legends. Leshan benevolent, wise water music. Let us in the mountains of the sink and water smart, visited famous mountains and great rivers, the landscape story,

  • To explore the civilization of ancient Rome

    Explore ancient Rome civilization, the exploration of "Introduction to ancient Rome civilization": the ancient Rome civilization is an important part of classical civilization of Western Europe, occupies an important position in the history of world civilization. Rome civilization has effect of old tradition is the remarkable feature of Rome and Greece two factors exist here. All literary works, both in subject matter,

  • Twenty / all Western Humor

    "Humor" twenty selected 20 classic article produced by human society's great humor works, invite you to understand what is the true sense of humor. What is the sense of humor? Kant think humor is rational "sparkling discourse"; Hagel think humor is "spirit" rich and profound; politicians thought,

  • The history of world civilization

    "The history of world civilization" tightly around the main theme of the development of human history, to be described will be divided into several types of civilization of human civilization, such as the ancient oriental civilization, Western classical civilization. And in the specific narrative, at the technical level device, showing the development of the agricultural revolution, the industrial revolution and information technology revolution,

  • PhD thesis University Research Institute of Chinese studies selected

    PhD thesis University Research Institute of Chinese studies, this book is for the Peking University Guoxue research was founded twenty anniversary compilation and collection of essays, the author is in the north of PhD graduates. Topic widely, including the "Southern Wu Sheng Xi Qu clan and the creation and dissemination of Huizong Dynasty" "to the" Zen "method of protecting thoughts", involving history,,

  • And the stream of Chinese culture

    Xing Yitian editor of "Chinese culture source and flow" tells the story of the ancient source of Chinese culture, is discussed from the aspects of prehistoric state formation, the ancient mythology, art, writing system, the formation of Chinese cultural features unique, made a thorough interpretation. Articles are from the Taiwan first-class scholars, by,

  • The traditional cultural appreciation

    "China: traditional culture appreciation" is a traditional Chinese culture introduction. Select 100 entries, with a living language are described, besides the entries, there are "links" industry supporting, across the long river of history, after thousands of years of evolution, vocabulary brought is not only a kind of fun, is a,

  • Black lens - the first time

    Excellent photography can make our minds sharp shocks, let us after Ju tears or anger, reflect some time longer, the historical understanding more. We found that the human nature in the meantime, to encouraging our passion, pain, love, courage and a sense of justice, in today's world, more introspection and comprehension, will create,

  • Servility and morbid

    "Servility and morbid personality: Huan vertical (the)" content brief introduction: in today's society, every citizen, if not when I character, not to be behind the pointing to scold me villain, please read "servile and sick". Author of more than two thousand years of official vertical personality conducted a comprehensive clean-up. The book,

  • Enlightenment

    The selected works of Walter Benjamin, Illuminations: Essays and Reflections, Walter Benjamin is a famous German philosopher and literary theorist. This book selects the best Walter Benjamin article,

  • Himalaya Range over there

    In Nepal, Himalaya Range over there: in Nepal, ISBN:9787500834076, author: Zhang Jianming,

  • The twelfth house and 28 places

    The world history of astrology, astrology, a fortune teller serious learning, is a precision science, the earliest human history in the ancient times, astrology has nurtured astronomy sprout, accumulation of the knowledge of astronomy, this phenomenon in both East and west world without exception. So, today, as long as people tried to study astronomy,,

  • Art Gallery

    "Art Museum: Museum of economy in the context of Globalization (2007 A Series) (twelfth)" the main content: when the museum, art began to become an important place for art to realize its function in eighteenth Century, the museum faced at the time of the public institutions and the public have huge face today,

  • Bai Naqia

    The last son of the forest, "the white that" created a number of different character vivid lovable characters, tells the story of soul stirring plot, setting, depicts the desirable situation, bring people into a mysterious, strange and distant, strange and full of beautiful world of warm. If every nation has a part of self,

  • The funeral custom research

    The book is divided into four parts. The first part of the funeral rites, burial facilities and burial cave sites as the framework, basic content on the funeral custom of turkic. Here, the author Hiro Masashi books, records, notes and miscellaneous history at home and abroad of the archaeological materials, the content is extremely scattered from it in,,

  • The history of Jewish Culture

    Carding, systematic and comprehensive introduction, unique vision, objective comments, rich visual data become "the basic characteristics of Jewish culture and history". ,

  • The chrysanthemum and the sword

    The chrysanthemum and the sword, "chrysanthemum and the sword" the author should America government invitation, using scientific methods of cultural anthropology, to write a report on Japanese report, the management in Japan have laid a solid foundation for the American developed. In 1946, the report published. The book was launched, rave reviews, profound thought and,

  • The lost world

    "Jurassic Park" sequel, book had caused a global dinosaur hot "Jurassic Park" sequel. After the catastrophe with Jurassic Park was completely destroyed 6 years, in Costa Rica cable that island and found a strange animal. Alone on the island, to uncover the secret of the paleontologist Levin in danger, his friend Malcolm,,

  • The Russian spirit

    As China neighbor, in China's modern history, the lingering influence of russia. On the one hand, Russia is the largest country Chinese damage, through a series of unequal treaties, from Chinese occupation of about 1500000 square kilometers of territory; on the other hand, Chinese input of the Marx doctrine from Russia, Chinese,

  • Origin of British cultural pattern

    "British cultural pattern" will focus on the theme of fusion of conflict in the process of modern Britain, back formation, which not only can deepen the understanding of the monologue of the national spirit, perhaps can also provide a reference, let us meditate other ethnic (or the same) experience. Struggle and harmony of social progress two,

  • Le Tour Culture

    "Music culture trip / micro know Hui" edited Geng rain. "Music culture trip / micro know Hui" a Book encapsulates the essence of ancient and modern culture, from astronomy to geography, from the history of religion to the etiquette custom, from literature to painting and calligraphy, from film to sports, including geography, transportation and communication and film and TV art,

  • Analysis of the logic of public knowledge

    Analysis of public knowledge of logic, "Yunnan University of Finance and Economics Philosophy Research Series: public knowledge of logic analysis" of formal axiomatic method use the logic to try and describe the results of public knowledge, find out the difficulties and the reasons of public knowledge in practice, to explore a weakened form of public knowledge and its application. Advocate the use of weakening,

  • Through the rain

    In the transformation of Russian culture / Russian march series, this book is divided into three chapters, respectively is "in the transformation of Russian Literature", "in the transformation of Russian art", "transformation of the Russian media". Describes the experience of the disintegration of the Soviet Union, regime change and economic shocks of the modern Russian culture show transformation characteristics and complex, the characteristics embodied in Russian literature,

  • The theory of civilization

    Research America civilization and history, "the theory of civilization: American civilization and history research" is the author of "USA civilization and history" series of thematic research together, the issues involved are: meaning and interpretation of American first constitutional document "May flower" of the Convention, American founding principles and spirit, history origins of American civilization. Process,

  • Clever girl

    Clever girl, "books and equipment designated books, the moral education of minors stacks textbook China folk culture series, primary and secondary schools: clever girl" is China Folk Culture Series in Qiao Nu folktale part. Chinese folk is the link of all the children of the Yellow Emperor communication emotion, is a sign of mutual recognition, is to standardize the behavior criterion, is maintaining the group,

  • The world of Indonesia East Timor

    "The world of East Timor: Indonesia" detailed introduction to the world of social and economic, historical, geographical environment, customs, culture and education, emphasis from the tourism point of depicting the world beautiful mountains and rivers, places of historic interest and scenic beauty, historical relics, folk legends, tourism culture, customs, rare birds,

  • Library. Note. Yi people - the signature seal album

    Signature cover album, "books, notes and reminiscences - signature cover album", book by the author of the book and signed signature seal as the main body, documents signed and sealed by the cover of the book, the author of the book of signature and seal, signature letter and the pictures, tells the story of the author and the celebrity communication and collect the book and signed letter of stories,

  • China Guangxi and the surrounding national cultural tour

    Brigade, national culture of Guangxi and the neighboring countries of China ISBN:9787105119639, author: Li Fuchun, Gong Benhai,

  • Mermaid

    Nature, life and death imagery, Denmark Copenhagen sat Andersen "the daughter of the sea", the Poland Warsaw with a sword and shield the mermaid is the emblem of the ancient Greek city; the beautiful birds or Mermaid siren song temptation seaman who drowned herself...... Nature really a mermaid? What is her prototype? Why can she embodies the unity of opposites is the perfection of life and death,

  • Introduction to Japanese culture

    Introduction to ISBN:9787310019892, Japanese culture, author: Han Lihong,

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