• The traditional and the modern

    The traditional and the modern culture -- on Nepal, Zhang Huilan, world knowledge press,

  • Japan is not heaven nor Hell

    Japan is not heaven nor Hell, Li Jianhua, Huaxia publishing house,

  • Tea and Coffee

    /1 /1, the order America Australia, Chinese cultural development in /7 Culture -- mental types /7 status /7 status and /7 status of the face (identity) and face recognition /72 about losing face or loss of identity /79 peacock social etiquette how /22,

  • Greek born

    In the vast expanse of the Aegean Sea, has been the birth of a famous ancient Greek civilization. From that a section of beautiful myth, from the respect magnificent; ornate; fascinating sculpture, the temple, and the curtain to shake the heart of the sad drama, we draw the source of classical civilization. The ancient Greeks surging endless creativity, agitation,

  • Japanese culture

    This set of knowledge, interest, practicality and readability of the books, is not only a necessary tool to engage in diplomacy and foreign cultural exchanges of readers, but also to other readers but also a good understanding reading the outside world, the accumulation of cultural knowledge, broaden their horizons, inspired ideas. This plexus,

  • Happy partners and a time machine

    From the day you dim the record, you Is it right? Often do some strange dream? When I was in kindergarten, you will dream of fairies floated before, ask little wish you with her gentle voice; you will dream of Santa Claus comes suddenly, bring long-awaited gift. When primary school lower grade, there is,

  • The lakeside Apartments

    "Text of the lakeside apartments" by the famous architectural historian Werner Bellezza wrote, and comes with a live in the building before the occupants of the article. Distributed in the book of black and white photographs, are using the same camera, repeated use of the same method of shooting. Text and pictures are in order to objectively present,

  • The biblical literature cultural dictionary

    With the continuous development of the cause of socialist science and culture in China, with the deepening of reform and opening, we and the people of the world cultural exchanges have become increasingly frequent, known as an important part of the western culture in the "Bible" culture, grasp the content and meaning of the necessary food in spiritual life, is no doubt that we can,

  • The contemporary Japanese society and culture

    This book includes: the history of Japan, Japan's political, economic, educational, Japanese Japanese Japanese religion, Japanese media, Japan's trade union organization, the social security system of Japan, Japanese sports entertainment activities. ,

  • The World Festival (Bilingual Edition)

    The festival has developed, with the change of society, the progress of human civilization, the content of the festival is increasingly extensive, involving natural, human, social development, national culture, local customs and practices and so on, have different educational meaning, different festivals around the country so, pay attention to the festival to carry out educational activities, and in,

  • Extraordinary as if done by the spirits

    "Extraordinary as if done by the spirits: twentieth Century wonders" in twentieth Century, concentrated natural geographical, historical, cultural aspects of the strangest, most influential event, the documentary style, elaborate description of the world at that time and dynamic, with a lot of precious photos, the reader can clearly understand the sensation at the time of the ten legendary cases,

  • Study of Greece

    See http://www.cp.com.cn/scrp/bookdetail.cfm? IBookNo=6014&sYc=1-1 Preface: the so-called Greek refers to three century Alexander the Great Crusade in the ancient Greek civilization, and small,

  • Cultural exploration tour map text

    This book includes: into the Nile Delta in Ji,

  • History and reality

    The world cultural diversity in the world in the process of research, the development, the western culture has made use of the Western colonial country strong, long-term occupy the leading position in the world cultural development, and accompanied by the Western gun tried to change the non Western culture in a weak position, in order to confirm the rule all the land in Western countries. In this way, "western center theory" has become,

  • France

    In order to meet the needs of our readers to understand the world of foreign studies, Beijing Academy of Social Sciences, invite the relevant experts and scholars, wrote a "foreign custom series". This series is from the folk custom angle introduced foreign practical book, to foreign customs, traditional festivals, weddings and joy,

  • Poland

    This guide is the whole world the information service providers to create classic. "Exotic series" since 1970 will become a model for tourism books; the discovery channel is the primary provider worldwide documentary television program content. This book is based on the comprehensive understanding of Poland,

  • Fuji mountain Rush years

    On the Japanese books or academic or recreation is an impressive array of, the similar study on booklet records the author in the understanding of history and culture in japan. ,

  • The Egyptian civilization

    The civilization of Egypt, the Nile River gave birth to the civilization of ancient egypt. From the 4000 BC to the seventh Century BC, Egypt during the 31 Dynasty, and nearly a thousand years of foreign rule, leaving us with a rich heritage of civilization. The ancient Egyptian civilization with the highly developed and religious material in the cultural field as the main characteristics. From the first to the twelfth dynasty,

  • The Western cultural map.

    Western culture map: knowledge of western culture 600 questions together a classic text collection, ISBN:9787801751256, author: Huang Xiaoyan,

  • The history of western culture

    "The history of western culture (Higher Education Edition)": a series of history major in normal college teaching materials,

  • Yellow Emperor's Canon of internal medicine research into

    Content abstract "Huangdi Neijing" is the first classical Chinese medicine, medicine for industry must read the book, but it also contains many subjects Chinese traditional culture is extremely rich and profound knowledge. Since its birth has more than two thousand years, no mathematical attracted from medicine, philosophy, history, language,

  • America cultural discovery

    The book collects 142 articles about the customs and social origin USA essay, content involves the superstitious taboo etiquette, festivals, weddings and funerals, entertainment, clothing and diet, family etc.. The book is rich in content, language humorous, can make the reader to understand some of the easy reading,

  • Geo political culture in Central Asia

    Geo political culture, the ISBN:9787228083152 of Central Asia, author: Pan Zhiping,

  • The people's War

    "People's War (English version)" content brief introduction: The China Society for People's Friendship Studies (PFS) in coopera- tion with the For,

  • The mystery at all times and in all countries.

    At all times and in all countries that mystery, Zhang Fuhou editor, Anhui literature and Art Publishing house,

  • Effects of 100 kinds of cultures of the world

    Effects of 100 kinds of culture, world of Deng Shusheng, Zhang Xiuping, Yang Huimei editor, Guangxi people's publishing house,

  • Civilization of ancient Rome

    The ancient Rome civilization, China National Museum, Chinese Social Science Press,

  • A ninja

    "Lin, soldiers, fighting,,,,, in the list are array before," this nine word mantra and the mouth say their ninja, already annihilation in the river of history. The book outlines the real contour ninja in the world, those who may wish to read. ,

  • A HISTORY OF CHINESE CULTURE (China Cultural History)

    Chinese cultural history: English version, ISBN:9787810189118, author: Guo Shangxing, Sheng Xingqing ed.,

  • The French church

    Academic writing is not a book, not a archaeological and architectural works, but the French sculptor Auguste Luo Dan (Au - gusteRodin, 1840 - 1917) in the investigation notes of French church. Although not into chapters, is a bit messy, even after heavy,

  • American culture

    This book is about the beauty of reading the book. It starts from the different understanding of the culture, discusses the relationship between cultural characteristics, cultural category, perception, thinking and other aspects of culture, from the rational analysis to the theme involves various American social aspects of the topic analysis. In order to explain profound theories in simple language, from a macro,

  • The influence of Western civilization war

    The influence of Western civilization war, edited by Zhang Yilei, Baihua Literature and Art Publishing house,

  • Civilization Tour

    From ancient to modern times; how many stories have been dust laden, many states have drifted off, ancient civilization from the source a legend to the controversial rise and collapse, lost in between the time and the history of human civilization gradually evolved into a mysterious mystery. With the latest research achievements, the real documents, with large,

  • A growing America.

    * as the representatives and wood,

  • Style China

    Chinese culture, "style Chinese: Chinese culture" as the English version of a total of nine chapters, including the historical overview, philosophical origin, Chinese language and literature, traditional art and landscape architecture, contemporary China geographical scenery and culture, political system, national and population, economic reform and people's life, science and education, folk custom culture. ,

  • The analysis of British Chinese: European Society of British Research Association Annual Meeting Proceedings

    A collection of essays by experts and scholars in China study the problem together, reflect the latest research achievements of British domestic issues in recent years. Around the "at the beginning of the twenty-first Century British" this one theme, more than 20 articles. A wide range of British political, economic, diplomatic and social cultural fields, including the uk,

  • Japan and the Japanese

    All Pocket Library -- Japan and Japanese (English), Mr Koizumi's cloud eight, Hainan publishing house,

  • International Law Review (first series)

    This book by the Institute of international law, as the base of subject construction, relying on the law school and the Shanghai Jiao Tong University, is an open forum on an international legal scholars and published excellent academic research field. This book aims to academic exchanges, the prosperity of academic research, promote the development of international law, international law, promoting the theory of water,

  • The development history of human spiritual civilization four volume set

    This book is a history of the development of human civilization. The tortuous course of development of civilization of human from the perspective of history, that is critical to the development of spiritual civilization to human survival and development, to explore the law of spiritual civilization development, summarizing the experience and lessons in the process of the development of human civilization, and clarifies the theoretical construction of spiritual civilization,

  • A lot of argumentative writing

    "One thing about writing dictionary" published by the publishing house of the Chinese dictionary. ,

  • In the United

    "Prokofiev seven Symphony" Prokofiev is a former Soviet composer, pianist. His early works of music language fresh and vibrant, inherited classical tradition and bold innovation spirit, some works are affected by the impact of modernism; the later works of lyrical style simple, especially in the "seventh symphony,

  • The tragedy of America

    Marvin Olaski USA "the tragedy" (The Tragedy of American Compassion, first published in 1992) is known as the twentieth Century 90's "about the welfare and social policy is one of the most important book," the president is USA small cloth,

  • Great Ye Maotai

    The discovery and excavation process of Liaoning County yemaotai Liao tombs of the rhinoceros, and based on a large number of unearthed cultural relics research analysis, on politics, economy, culture of the Liao and the public on all aspects of the comprehensive, especially for the owner of the tomb of the Xiao Taihou family vicissitudes of textual research in great detail, and the lack of historical records, a higher,

  • Japanese teachers

    For half a century, the history of Sino Japanese cultural exchanges of many people, but few people mention the culture a reversal of the situation, but also very few people study Chinese students studying in Japan, but don't say once at the beginning of twentieth Century active learning, teaching in China around the Japanese its reason, may be due to the failure of history. ,

  • American cultural background

    The USA "cultural background" published by PrenticeHallRegents version second America "cultural background" is a social concept of value from the angle of the social and cultural American textbooks, various book with 90's on America society the latest data, charts and,

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