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Date of publication:2012-6   Press: Xinhua press   Author:Xiong Guangkai   Pages:348   Words:180000  

"Books chronicle Yi person (signature seal album)" written by Xiong Guangkai, reading books can edify disposition, can expand the horizons, can improve the cultivation, can enhance the realm.
reading after the collection of books, book a house of gold, the chest have millions of soldiers. For I am a military more than half a century of military men, books, in order to Tibetan soldiers.
Author brief introduction

Xiong Guangkai, Professor, vice admiral, the Chinese people's Liberation Army chief of staff, former president of the Chinese society of international strategy, honorary president of China International Strategic Research Foundation, adjunct professor of National School of Administration, National Defense University, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Zhongshan University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Shanghai International Studies University, The PLA Information Engineering University, University of International Relations, PLA Foreign Languages Institute and other institutions to the people's Liberation Army, Kong Zi college senior consultant headquarters in the bait collectors association, consultant.
Catalogue of books

books help me maintain deep
communicate with people and the world communication
collection stamp form a splendorous contrast
the first part: the political
Li Lanqing
Second parts: military
Zhang Wannian
> Yu Yongbo

Shouzhi Li Laizhu Yang Side

Hu Shixiang Wang Houqing Huang
Miao Xiaohong
third parts: diplomatic
Li Zhaoxing Zhao Qizheng

Zhang De Shi Guangsheng Liao Xiaoqi Liu Guchang Li Fenglin Zhou Wenzhong Li Daoyu wide

Yang Chengxu Lu Yonghua Han Fangming fourth: academia
Pang Xianzhi Teng Wensheng Shao Huaze

Li Jiange Fang Gang Wang Zaixi
1 South
fan 锦诗
Yu Sui
Huang Ping Zhou Hong
fifth parts: culture and art circles

Yuan Xikun Zhou Youguang fan
> Mo Yan Li Hui 罗雪村
Yu Junjian
If bin Wan Xiao The thrill of
sixth parts: Science and health sector
Liu Jiyuan
ZHU peak
Zhang Yanzhong
Song Wen Cong
Xu Lin
Wu Mengchao Li Zhaoshen
Tong Tan Sheng Ying
Hu Wei Zhu Min Ma Xiaoling Wang Hongwei
fee coastal
seventh part: international the well-known

Sirindhorn Kawa Yohei Scalapino
Chapter excerpt

Albright was born in Prague, his father was a famous diplomat and scholar. She retired from politics from the Secretary of state after published three best-selling books, are "Madame Secretary you" "powerful and universal: the United States, God and the World War of reflection" and "addressed to the president of the memo: how can we restore reputation and lead us to a". But my collection is another of her book "read my brooch: the story of a diplomat's jewel case". The 2009 book contains Albright's collection of many Brooch story. In addition to the brooch pictures, this book focuses on the diplomatic events happening behind the brooch. Since the brooch is a special mark Albright diplomacy work. In a meeting with Mandela, she will choose the brooch; the Secretary of state, she wore antique Eagle brooch; when she don't the shining sun brooch, show that the negotiations are successful, happy; when angry Hornets brooch on her collar, the situation is not so optimistic. "Albright used the brooch is to emphasize the importance of the negotiations, or his lofty expectations, or protests hysteresis not before, or expression you can represent a proud american." This book introduces the word wrote. She in the U.S. Congress on Sino US relations to testify, wore a medal made of ceramic Chinese dragon brooch. Because the special significance of this book, I also wrote a collection of books, but this book is also a collection of. Curator of the New York Museum of art and design, says in the preface, Albright's collection is not the traditional sense of the collection, in the traditional sense, collectors in the collection at the beginning, we know to what, but Albright's brooch is naturally accumulated to over the years, with a pleasant random and unpredictable. Reflect the environment and opportunities in work and life changing, "it provides collectors of past experience and hope for the future of a visual record". The idea intriguing. Because many collections tend to focus only on past experience, and according to this point of view, we should also pay attention to the collection activities of the hope of the future, should be in the collection at the same time pay attention to these collections are capable of carrying the hope of the future. This is I read Albright inspired "read my brooch" by.......
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