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Date of publication:2005-3   Press: Chinese film press   Author:Zhang Li Mei Zi  

The copyright page: illustration: in apgujeong from Korean food, Chinese food to Western-style food, meals and Vietnam, Turkey, Moscow, Switzerland and other countries food, have everything that one expects to find. Mixed assorted cold dishes and unique but also embodies the culture had diversified. The so-called mixed assorted cold dishes, to add Chinese food in Korean, or in Western-style food with Chinese cuisine, the cuisine is long patchwork of food. The most common fried Korean New Year cake as an example, with the ordinary meaning of fried New Year cake different, which joined the cheese or model New Year cake strips of bacon and fried is a delicious assorted cold dishes cuisine. Apgujeong there are too many of these assorted cold dishes cuisine, unique taste of the restaurant is also meet the eye everywhere. However, decorated restaurant price than ordinary restaurant is expensive, in addition, there are a lot of the restaurant, Coffee hall etc.. Two, Ehara Michiko Road, is located in the northeast of South Korea, mountain, sea, Lake reconciliation, Seoraksan and juvenile Seoraksan national park here with seasons show a different style, the east coast and the famous beach, sea water is very clear. In addition, the winter here can also enjoy skiing sports and games fun. Sokcho bunch grass is located in northeastern Kangwon coast city, east of the East China Sea, West Seoraksan, is a famous tourist attractions. In aquaculture and tourism industry, with Home Furnishing style rooms and other accommodation facilities. Seoraksan in every year autumn leaves and the East China Sea is famous, known to beach. After the Korean War, the Korean born here become lost peasant communities.
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South Korea National Flag National Anthem of national climate Korean historical religious customs holiday taboo South Korean tourist guide tourist region (nine road) the winter snow fun Korean diet traditional Korean diet type settles the food (Korean style meal snacks) South Korea Korean food table form or dining etiquette in the Korean movie "the boy is handsome" "the temptation of wolves" "love bungee jumping" "August Photo Gallery" love "left, right" love "can not believe the edge" Volcano "high school" "My Sassy Girl" "my girl" "dance" "." "my wife is a gangster" "old boy" "" friends "Silmido" "Shiri" "double agent" JSA "safety zone" "Taegukgi" spider "Jungle" classical Han Wei "Dae Jang Geum" "empress" "my love PATZZI" "Stairway to heaven" "Miss Mermaid" "Paris" lover ". Love of life and death" "Juliet" "Winter Sonata" boyfriend "Autumn in My Heart" "beautiful day" "woman in love" "youth trap" "glass shoes" "spark" "hotelier" "Seoul" " "Mum and sister" "on the waterfront" "xingmengqiyuan" star archives Jiao sexy Song Hye Kyo -- Cai Lin -- pure sweet color days -- Shim Eun-Ha -- Kim Hee Sun -- were Princess city beauty beauty of oxygen -- Lee Young-Ae Kim Nanjoo -- Cui Zhiyouqing -- a gentle pure lily Kim Hyun Joo Miss Mermaid -- Jang Seo Hee Jang Na Ra -- red girl sassy girl -- Gianna Jun -- Kim So-yeon's first double-sided Eve idol -- Jang Dong Gun costar Charm -- 韩载锡 charm beauty -- An Zaixu Almighty man -- Li Bingxian box office winner - Han Shigui Funny King -- Cha Tae Hyun -- Song Seung -- his sexy actor Kwon Sang Woo...... South Korea South Korea @##@ music books Mass culture of Korea is known as the "Korean wave" raised upsurge in Chinese. Movies, TV, film, music, youth novels came rolling in a can not be closed.
accompanied by "seeing", "Winter Sonata", "Miss Mermaid" and other Korean TV series in the China hit, but also stimulate China visitors to South Korea's interest. Jeju Island, Gangwon filming location has become a hot spot for Asian TV fans. People on the Korean attitude to life or living with him to start looking for Korean pickled cabbage, pickled cabbage and series together make the everyday life of the Korean people closer to the Chinese. In twentieth Century 90's to now, the Korean film rapid development momentum. The emergence of a large number of high standard of work. Such as minor and serious "Christmas in August", north south problem "Taegukgi", "Silmido", funny and poignant "My Sassy Girl", "my wife is a gangster", suitable for young people to taste the romantic movie "the boy is handsome", "wolf the temptation to" popular in the film market. South Korean film recently in good times There was no parallel in history., even art country France all envy, material's depleted USA Hollywood was also through the purchase of the Korean film remake rights to input fresh blood into his.
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"Korean fashion" by Chinese film publishing.
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