Date of publication:1999-4   Press: Hainan Publishing House   Author:(Singapore) Li Jiongcai, Zhang Wei, Fu Guangming   Pages:329   Words:222000  

The author as a journalist, politician and diplomat keen vision experience, draw gives Japan social beings. Strokes and, both on the top to Amaterasu and Xu Fu legend, next to the shogunate to the Second World War history, also have Japanese from the rubble of World War II up to become a world economic power of true communication; both the little-known "people of God" the emperor's palace to live, but also the most the taboo is deep social "pariah" helpless career; has a power struggle between Party politician, also have "spread shady" strife and including the AUM Shinrikyo religious, spiritual groups. In addition, the author also reflects the Japanese those foreigners to be impressed, Japanese sumo, shrine, cherry, geisha, Bushido, the unique way of life to the big space, comprehensively reveals the characteristics of Japanese is different from other national spirit.
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Li Jiongcai, born in 1924, graduated from the University Department of journalism college in London, he worked for the press to Singapore, 1959 in politics, former Singapore People's Action Party Central Executive Committee, members of Congress, the Ministry of culture, Ministry of foreign affairs, senior government ministers and the prime minister's office senior government minister, has made many, 1984 -- 1988 Singapore ambassador to japan.
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The first chapter second chapter Xu Fuhe bittersweet Sino Japanese relations 3000 young boys and girls and sunrise state called Shu Chang "an interview with Xu Fu epitaph" Xu Fu: knowledge and God of medicine 30% Japanese have China body system? The cultural foundation for God Chinese stood on the Japanese side China arrogant mentality "turning point abandoned East learn West" chapter third: the God Emperor Hirohito emperor, and the Japanese Emperor's eyes met the first overseas trip crown prince a charismatic tool eagle, or a dove? Fate is in the hands of wheat handsome no one for his seppuku Dutch act chapter fourth sumo chikou Japanese Xing figure and ceremony most movement of modern Japanese samurai keep the tradition and reality of the young generation "short cycle effects" the fifth chapter of Japanese mythology in Buddhism and Wu Yin product kana: comprehensive have three stages of innovation in Japanese the first step of Japanese innovation from the emperor myth to Japanese mythology teaching foreigners "a special Japanese" sixth chapter utilitarianism "gods" animism and pantheism different gods are suitable for different needs of Taoist God Emperor God: a ceremony of the religious influence of Buddhism Tiantai: everyone has the right to become a Buddha said Pope: unity of Zen Buddhism and Shinto: East Asian Buddhist meditation, Nichiren Buddhism sect: Chapter seventh character emerging amazing international forces the fate of Christians and way of life the eighth chapter recovery miracle chapter ninth corridors of power. The tenth chapter defense and re armed
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