Investigation and research in the cultural industry development in Beijing

Date of publication:2012-6   Press: Red flag press   Author:Ma Zhaojun   Pages:278   Words:230000  

The capital of Beijing cultural industry as a sunrise industry, in recent years, the development time is short, rapid development, economic and social benefits are obvious and increasingly attracted widespread attention of the government and the social from all walks of life. The capital of culture industry development research, strategic height as the national cultural center from Beijing industrial layout, around the cultural industry resources integration, cultural services and factor market development, the cultural industry park construction and development, private enterprise culture art creation, new media and network culture industry development, foreign cultural trade and cultural market management eight issues in-depth investigation and study, and choose seven cultural units by means of the case analysis, to examine the development track of Beijing culture industry, explore the law of development of the cultural industry, and put forward valuable opinions and suggestions of operation.
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the first part of the total report
the first chapter of Beijing culture industry development situation of
second chapter of Beijing culture industry problems in the development of
third chapters on speeding up the development of Beijing cultural industry, promoting the construction of national cultural center of the Countermeasures for the construction of
second part report
the first chapter culture industry resources the integration of
second chapter of cultural services and construction of factor market
third chapter of cultural industry cluster district construction
Chapter fourth private cultural enterprises development of
fifth chapter art creation and production of
sixth chapter network culture industry development.
seventh chapter foreign cultural trade
eighth chapter of cultural market management
third parts of the case research on
the first chapter of the Beijing cultural development foundation in the development of cultural industry in Beijing: boost
second chapter conception, on the construction of Gehua Cultural bonded area implementation and thinking of
third chapter Gehua cable in itself: the system innovation to promote industrial development
fourth chapter 751: industrial history and creative design of the colorful happy
fifth chapter Star Park: constructing ecological media industrial Park
sixth chapter light media: do private television companies. The first
seventh chapter happy twist: the local comedy business mode of
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