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Date of publication:1998-3   Press: Aviation Industry Press   Author:Kroraina coding   Pages:218   Words:184000  

For us to pay more attention to the education of the Chinese, children's growth is a major event in the life of each family, parents are faced with the "new situation the only child". This book is based on quality education for the purpose, to a child at USA personal growth experience, described the Chinese children in American growth process, including American children education, nature and technology influence on children, the children, the child of market economy and the sense of participation, the child's independent life. As the child's long teacher, understand the education for children to be of great advantage.
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Kroraina, female, was born in Beijing. After graduating from the University of Beijing served as a technology magazine editor, the United States in 1989 to study journalism, as America a bilingual newspaper Chinese editor.
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Her daughter's birthday: Concurrently on immigrant children in American adaptation and transformation of school characteristics: daughter daughter elementary education on the America talent: on American style art education and children's talent cultivation daughter loved Festival: on USA customs and bicultural education daughter and pet: daughter relationship with nature and children watch TV: Discussion on the development of science and technology impact on children in the children's education and remember: daughter of commodity society in the light of its general trend with his daughter Entertainment: on the America suitable for children's education and entertainment: the basic necessities of life American daughter and the living conditions of her daughter's friends and family: variation influence on their children for the healthy growth of children: the case of USA medical service and social welfare from the parents to the principal: parents on the development of overseas Chinese school interests: on immigration political consciousness appendix: major festivals, American American pass grade public school system in the
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