Handan idioms and allusions

Date of publication:2011-12   Press: China Social Sciences Publishing House   Author:Yuan Qingmin   Pages:716  

Yuan Qingmin, male, born in January 1965. The Handan city human resources and Social Security Bureau deputy director. Graduate, lawyers, senior vocational instructors. Love of history and culture, in National Journal papers. His major works include "migrant rural labor force guide", "the common people", "entrepreneurial story to a piece of blue sky".
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The pre Qin period was as solid as a rock 按兵不举 B A's white horse is not a horse horse Gongsun Baima covenant white pit fall in 涅百金 Sha, the wisdom of Dragon million. Seeing is believing bribe openly carrying faggots to firewood more hot Li extremely storm slow extremely 北辕适楚 perfidy 弃义 times of folly 悖言乱辞 put the cart before the horse 本末源流 比肩并起 standing shoulder to shoulder 闭口结舌 turned ugly country 变态百出 变心易虑 slow and steady wins the race 不耻最后 bloodless 兵无血刃 Bo Wen Qiang Chi 不瞽不聋 punish without prior warning 不绝如线 continuously if the never-ending line does not know if numerous innumerable innumerable 不可胜算 cannot be mentioned in the same breath just right when I spare no effort was generally don't know its friends in days of simple life with his friends walking a C operation ticket disk and be left side for a long 长虑顾后 seats disaster immortal longevity sinking fish out to listen to 沉灶产蛙 沉灶生蛙 called love Li Wencheng against the flat range and many 持禄养交 baby, right foot silk remonstrance life 出死断亡 button muntjac touch Huai 楚得楚弓 the touch after suffer heavy losses carp vertebral hammer said Jin Bi So ragged ragged indulgence with wine and women 辞金蹈海 give ring was also called wisdom wisdom 存亡安危 survival of honor D Qiao in the not for public product with a friction and foolish generation million to the kingdom of death Dan Deng tread shoe tiny de don't call a de Guang Xian to ascend and called my days...... Qin Han Wei Jin Southern and Northern Dynasties to the Sui and Tang Dynasties @##@ period of Yuan Ming and Qing Dynasties In the long river of history, each nation has its own unique historical and cultural context. People in the production practice and social practice, create a lot of concise, vivid image, allusion, simple words, can be very accurate, very exquisitely express the rich ideological content. Our country in the national fusion process, taking the Chinese as the main body, absorbing many ethnic minorities areas inhabited by words, and then create the same discourse. Culture is passed on from generation to generation, idiom implicit wisdom and experience and lessons of Chinese politics, economy, culture, military and other aspects for thousands of years, is a true record of the history of the Chinese nation. According to incomplete statistics, China's Idiom million, of which Handan related to many thousands, or directly to the Handan team. The city of Handan has been known as "China's township of idiom". "Handan idiom" it probably is divided into two parts, one part is concise, easy to understand from literal, mainly for people expressing habits, catchy, such as "a storm in a teacup", "surpass"; another part is contained in the specific historical allusions, tell a has handed down or warning effect of historical stories, to reveal the deep social phenomenon or reason. Idiom is a treasure in Chinese art, especially after a part of the cultural content of the reserves, has been far beyond the text category.
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