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Date of publication:2007-10   Press: Guangxi Normal University press   Author:Yan Zonglin   Pages:374   Words:288000  

The author from the angle of literature, sculpture, painting, music and technology to examine the European culture, take interactive outstanding historical, will show the rich and colorful history of European culture to the readers. Theme of this book focuses on "and the evolution of" continuation, by analyzing the history and more profound understanding of structure of Europe today, and all aspects of the performance, the continuity of historical changes in the. On the contemporary Chinese, the most important point is: grasp the cultural characteristics from the historical and cultural development in.
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Yan Zonglin (1904 - 1978), the famous historian. In 1925 in France, 1936 by the Swiss national literature doctorate. After the outbreak of war of the returned to China, he taught in Shanxi University, Guangxi University, in 1948 the Zhongshan University history department director and director of the Institute of history. After the liberation, Zhang Youyu, invited Zhao Zongfu, returned to his hometown, Shanxi University professor and director of the Department of history. He is familiar with
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Sequence editor's note of modern European culture of modern European thought preface tragedy of modern German cultural research in Italy on the constitution of the Russian Revolution and the cultural history of Spain during the war of resistance against Japan and European cultural history of cultural complexity to the first chapter second chapter studies in European cultural history starting point of the third chapter of Egyptian culture and natural fourth chapter outlines the fifth chapter Central Asian culture in ancient Greece sixth chapter: the characteristics of ancient Rome culture spirit of the seventh chapter of European cultural transformation in the eighth chapter, the ancient cultural and scholastic philosophy of a new era of the sixteenth Century ninth chapter tenth chapter is the analysis of the French old regime family eleventh chapter "social contract theory" and the French Revolution of twelfth chapters on the romantic chapter thirteenth chapter fourteenth European socialist development. The fifteenth chapter is the conclusion of European culture and history the first series of ancient empire of the west east Mediterranean city of third series second series fourth series of Western built empire of Rome and fifth Western transition age sixth Christian era of unity and seventh in Europe and eighth in Europe began to consciously ninth European centralization: the old system with tenth series of new Europe: all potential establishment Conclusion Pascal biography chapter Pascal thought historical conditions...... A reference book of
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