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Date of publication:2001-5   Press: The contemporary world press   Author:Shi Yanchun   Pages:600   Words:470000  

A long history, splendid culture, be well-known far and near, bright world, prominent position, given attention, rich resources, be richly endowed by nature, many sects, perplexing, magical amorous feelings, extremely attractive, influential man, each leading the trend, this is the Middle East verve, Arabia world Xuan miao. Author Shi Yanchun as Arabia state in the Middle East envoy, working in the area of up to 1/4 century, he then this book about the Middle East verve, profoundly reveals the mysterious world of Arabia. This is a documentary literature knowledge, interesting, not only has the stronger readability, but also have a high reference value and historical value.
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Shi Yanchun, 1942 was born in Shandong in February. After graduating from university in 1965 the work of the Ministry of foreign affairs, learning Arabic in the College of Cairo University. He Chinese ambassador to Arabia Embassy of the Republic of Yemen Arabic translators, Translation Department of Arabic translators, Chinese in the Democratic Republic of Yemen Embassy Suites, two Secretary of the Ministry of foreign affairs, a secretary two secretary, China Embassy in Egypt, in
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