Date of publication:2006-1   Press: China Pictorial Publishing House   Author:Lu Yincheng   Pages:149   Words:5000  

Lu Yincheng graduated from Peking University, a former director of the institute. Professor level senior engineer, Professor of University, visiting professor, Institute of horse, Germany and Furlong Hoff study. In recent years, engaged in literary creation, publishing essays "in ten years".
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The art of architecture still the ancient architectural fairy king and his fairy tale palaces from the castle to the palace of classical culture from the Sturm und Drang to classical Gerd, Schiller in Weimar "Faust" and Faust's poem "Henie Luo Lei dish" painting, sculpture works of folk culture God's servant Carnival wastlers roaming around the Berlin wall the collapse of Rhine River Elbe on Bavarian cultural life @##@ postscript. "European culture" series is the prose and photography on European culture with pictures of the set, it has three prominent characteristics and cultural connotation, writing field experience; - dear pictures. It embodies the knowledge and understanding of the European culture in Europe more than ten years of cultural life, art, literature, music, architecture, painting, sculpture, folk custom and religion.
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