Cultural consciousness and cultural identity

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The Harvard - Yenching in Chinese funded project in the humanities has a long history, and the names are I, but as one of the organizers, the Harvard - Yenching alumni in the subject academic year will probably only two: one is the beginning of 2001 every single year held in Peking University Harvard - Yenching international academic conference, has been successfully held the three; another is the beginning of 1995 at the Nanjing University, and later moved to Su Zhou Feng biennial as a series of conferences, has been six, and changed its name to the official "Harvard - Yenching Suzhou forum." The seventh annual meeting in Suzhou as the. A single pair, the South and the north, the Harvard - Yenching alumni China mainland China and other East Asian countries and regions, a party, to discuss major issues with some of the current year. Participants from their academic fields of view, interdisciplinary, melting, East and West, tradition and modern, it has wider significance of trying to develop local knowledge and spiritual value. This volume is a collection of "25 papers Harvard Yenching Suzhou forum Sixth International Symposium on". By focusing on the "cultural consciousness and cultural identity: the theme of East Asian perspective," spirit of dialogue, exchange of the spirit of active exploration in the situation of economic globalization and technology integration from the perspective of academic research on how to obtain the cultural consciousness and cultural identity, and to better promote the dialogue and exchanges among different civilizations.
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Du Weiming, Confucian ethics and modern spirit of East Asia (Preface) Liu Haiping the cultural consciousness and cultural identity of Du Weiming cultural consciousness and cultural identity: the humanities and social science and the Harvard - Yenching challenges Le Daiyun harmonious society and cultural consciousness Sheng Ning globalization language environment "cultural consciousness" -- a three meeting at Harvard Yenching sixth forum Xu Xinjian spoke on "dragon" and "Wolf Totem": Contemporary Chinese identity Yan Jia cultural identity and cultural research problems on Shen Hong China academic circles in the "cultural identity" of the narrow-minded -- Taking German architect Ernst Bursman dynamic changes in case Ma Rui cultural identity and cultural knowledge: Western aesthetics as an example Zhang Weian ethnic groups and the mainstream culture: Hakka cultural movement and ethnic memory transfer two philosophy thoughts of Tang Yijie in the western philosophy under the impact of modern philosophy China Wu Guangxing tries to release "the Analects of Confucius" meaning "Literature" -- Discussing Confucian academic source of Hu Zhihong in China in the past 20 years, the modern new Confucian Studies: Retrospect and Prospect Zhou Qi China Buddhism history cultural adaptation, cultural origin And the cultural identity of the three historical reflection on Zhong Xiangcai Chinese the history of economic thought of Xu Jilin's patriotism and Nationalism -- the modern China two national identity Wu Wenling Ejina bamboo slips the new mang Dynasty and the relationship between Han Zhaoqing of Qinghai historical and cultural diversity and Regional Culture named Cao Yongxian the merchant of Huizhou, the Huai Yang Import and water god temple four studies in literature and language Zhang Ziqing used to Westerners see past Chinese Zhao Wenshu Flower Drum Song variations -- the ethnic identity and cultural orientation in the works of Jiang Yuan in late nineteenth Century American writers on the image of the Chinese positive construction on Pavilion Buddhist meaning type of occurrence and function of five social security and environmental protection Hu Suyun social security system difference the cultural factors in the role of Ke Jian of China's world cultural and natural heritage protection legislation of Xu Zairong environmental non governmental organizations and the global environmental protection
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For the contemporary China ethnic identity expressed, 2004 is a lively year. The dragon "dragon" and "feelings" to sing the same year, a publication in Beijing launched a carefully a is the "big" novel "Wolf Totem". Social conditions by means of "dragon" identity, publishing planner recommended this book to readers by sharp questions, problems at each national collective identity: we are descendants of the dragon or the wolf? A stone Fluxus, soon attracted enthusiastic response and response. In fact, the problem is not a publisher but the original author. Is the status of Beijing born novelist of the "dragon" and the identity of the following challenges. Read the original works, in terms of its content and type, this ocean of hundreds of thousands of words, known as the "great books" of "Wolf Totem", is an anthropology novels. One of the three basic themes with contemporary issues related with anthropology, namely: identity, ethnic and national. But in the arrangement of the structure, the former Syrian after discussion, including the "wolf", "the wolf", "the wolf" story and the "nomadic", "race" and "Wolf Totem" theoretical analysis, in the style of almost similar to a film about the grassland population and the survival significance "experimental ethnography" or "historical anthropology" works. For the "national identity Chinese", "Wolf Totem" -- asking and questioning, and more through the novel's main character at the end of the "Syrian lectures and dialogue" section of the express system.
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In the history of cultural exchanges between the prestigious Harvard - Yenching Institute held the sixth alumni academic annual meeting in 2006 in Suzhou, the participants on the following five aspects: first, the cultural consciousness and cultural identity; two, philosophical thinking; three, historical reflection; and language studies, literature, four; five social security and environmental protection. This book for the majority of the humanities and social science researchers.
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