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The copyright page: illustration: three, Japan had hidden characteristics of ancient Chinese literature in Vietnam and its academic significance of the aforementioned Japanese hidden polymerization process of Vietnamese Chinese ancient books. This process appears to be accidental, but from the above chart, there are inevitable reasons, because these books show distinctive academic character. Such as Hanoi, Paris Tibetan Ancient Vietnamese comparison, it has been vacant for six eight poetry, ballad, Tao Niangge category, which reflects some due to the choice of language, that the Japanese scholars are more interested in the strict sense of the Chinese characters, not the writing ". Also, the proportion of the examination paper, have significantly reduced the phatic, fu class, this is in the connotation of less originality category; and more category are there works, legends, historical novels and notes, these departments have high historical value. Visible in the choice of Vietnamese Chinese literary classics, Japanese scholars have the history sensitive. In addition to pay attention to is the poem, this category proportion has increased, in fact due to linguists Ruan Hayek's donation, that is to say, reflecting the need for language study. In conclusion it can be said that the Vietnamese Chinese literary classics into Japan's process, is also an academic selection process. Therefore, we can discuss the characteristics of the reservoir in Japan Vietnamese Chinese literature ancient books from the academic angle of. First discussed is one of "6 kinds of book no other description" (including the "history of the north", "spring and Autumn on the"). These books are likely to be extant copy of books, it is a special historical value. For example, the book "civilization advocated poetry", included Hong De twenty-two years (1491) of his poetry. It and "Ming Liang beautiful poems", "Ji Sheng appreciation of poetry", reflects the Li Dynasty palace poetry style. And as the "Royal" celebrate "one book. It included lung, Minh two in the table, the table in 1805 to 1833, according to the new table, Xie Biao, Yu staves, clutter classification, and recorded the intended Xiang centres, is clearly for the imperial examination paper template. This book demonstrates an important fact: the Vietnamese and Chinese literature is an important means to cultivate the talents; Han culture in the promotion of Vietnam, is based on Chinese literature as a pioneer of. The above two kinds of literary classics, its value is mainly reflected the special content. Some book, its value is determined by the special form and display. For example, the "scholar Jiang poetry Qujiang" the book "Qujiang Xiang spectrum", using the legendary writing to record family sages biography, the much cited "Shigin", the reference system of temple, the legend, the three works miracles, genealogy method of mutual penetration. The book thus represents a special genre of books.
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Sinology forum
"Lyric" of the traditional
- "Lyric modernity" Introduction to
the Yuefu Poetry narrative lyric and speed of
Muse Travels Far Away:The First Anthology of Modern Chinese Poetry
Translated for the West
and < br > Gu Kaizhi a female Ren Zhi chart pedigree
the Ming and Qing Dynasties art history and the literature and history research essay
release history
classic interpretation of
"I" thinking of the basic structure of
the Song Dynasty "the book of songs" of Psalm structure and "Mao justice" the relationship between literature and

"copy the journal single thinning the Mao justice" published in "
ZTE Temple Temptress Moon" continued investigation of
Li Zhaocheng published the "Taiping details" on
"letter Lapel set" the compilation and edition of
Saito Ki on "Chinese Literature" lecture.
- Tokyo School of literature, the early days of the Chinese literature history.
Macao university library a summary of the characteristics of ancient books.
Japanese Vietnamese Chinese literature of ancient Tibetan
Shanghai "Chinese relics exhibition tour
Chinese Local Histories at Columbia University
Chinese character
Jacob research
Marco Polo research
Marco Polo and Iran's "Taraef"
- Marco Polo's in trade
memory, knowledge, imagine
one three "Chinese image" of the construction and comparison of
barge Italy scholars doubt Marco Polo to China
"overseas Chinese and Chinese literature research summary of the International Symposium on"
the former Princeton University modern Asian Studies project progress of
works on

Journal @##@ base register The book includes "copy the journal single thinning the Mao justice" published the "romantic" Buddhist temple, ZTE continued investigation, Li Zhaocheng published "Taiping details" on, "letter Lapel set" the compilation and edition, Guan Yuzhai vine "Chinese Literature" lecture book, Macao university library a summary of the characteristics of ancient books, Japanese Vietnamese Chinese literature classics, the reservoir of Shanghai "Chinese relics exhibition tour record etc..
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