Chinese folk literature, folklore twenty-six Masters

Date of publication:2012-5   Press: Chongqing University press   Author:Guo Wei   Pages:616   Words:678000  

Book review of 26 famous Chinese folk literature and folklore excellence. Among them: living masters and Xianyou masters, Han masters and minority masters, inheritors of masters and scholars masters, Lu masters and Taiwan masters and famous live abroad. Comment on the famous academic personality: some specialize in myth, some specializing in the story, some specializing in proverbs, some specializing in ghost culture, some ancient customs in Dunhuang, specializing in folk custom, some specializing in minority folk, some specializing in regional culture, some extensive research of folk culture in folklore. And income masters writing academic autobiographies. Some Xianyou experts, with his works preface generation, with other scholars of his interview generation, to express his mind with his dying. There is a series of books and famous inscription. With pictures, the photos. Important historical materials for the study of folk literature is the academic history and folklore of academic history.
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A great
(1928 ~), Wu District Jiangsu Wuxi. Special government allowance from the state council. A member of the Committee of experts to rescue Chinese folk cultural heritage. "One of the Chinese folk ceremony" three editor in chief. China Federation of literary and art circles, the Chinese folk literature and Art Association in 2007 "eighth session of Shanhua prize, folk literature and art achievement award" winner. Member of Chinese writers, dramatists, folk literature and art three association and the international society of folk narrative research. Honorary chairman of Guangxi Artists Association, honorary president of Guangxi folklore society, honorary chairman of Tsinghua University Alumni Association in Guangxi. Researchers at the Guangxi Teachers Education University.
published "Chinese Goddess" (Chinese version was published in Nanning in 2000 2009, the Japanese version published in Tokyo), "Taiwan folk literature", "Taiwan minority folk literature" Jing, Maonan Nationality three literature history, "the Chinese folk culture and minority literature" and "grassroots literature, happy writing -- too Wei folk literature and new essays" and other 68 ministries. Published "Wu Song History third monument", "China's four great epics of Hua Baoshan" and other articles of Wu culture paper.
Catalogue of books

The first part inheritors of
Zhu Hairong
Wu Gewu story Wu folk collection research, Wu Song tradition of people Zhu Hairong
folk literature of "love" and "love"
Zhu Hairong compiled bibliography
two Lu Ruiying
about Wu Song Baimao folksongs outstanding successor of Lu Ruiying
Science Baimao folksongs, learn to speak folk tales readme
Lu Ruiying compiled bibliography
second Xianyou famous
three Zhong Jingwen
Zhong Jingwen: the pioneer of Chinese modern folklore.
"folk literature and history" white ordered
Zhong Jingwen coding < br > four Lou Zi Kuang Bibliography (Taiwan)
folk literature and folklore to master trouble
Lou Zikuang compiled bibliography
third minority masters
Fourth Han masters
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